Monkeys on the Bed

Two flying monkeys jumping on the bed!  Slow Saturday afternoon shenanigans.

I think I took a hundred photos of these two monkeys jumping out of the window sill and onto the bed.  Jed and Levi couldn't get enough of seeing themselves frozen in mid-air action on the back of my camera.  "Let me see!  Let me see!  Did you get that cannon ball, Mom?"  It was a riot for all three of us!

It made me wonder though.  What kind of action shots might they ask me to photograph ten years from now?  BMX tricks, baseball games, soccer kicks, rock climbing moves?  I am so looking forward to being there.  Having boys is seriously the best adventure I could ever ask for.   


  1. So fun! Jumping on the bed is the best!

  2. How fun! Yes, I think there will be all sorts of tricks and stunts for you to photograph in the future. If the boys take after their adventurous parents (you), then I imagine you won't run out of reasons to take pictures anytime soon :)


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