My Thirty-Wonderful Golden Birthday

I turned 31 years old on the 31st of January!!!  Woohoo!  My golden birthday.  I kinda can't believe it already came and went.  This whole getting older thing feels a bit strange.  Being in my thirties feels a bit strange.  I mean, I remember my mother being exactly this age.  I remember being a teenager and thinking 31 was OLD!  And now I'm teaching teenage girls at church and that's exactly what they think about ME!  I'm not old, am I?!?   

I find myself shrugging the whole issue of age aside.  It's just another day, another year.  I'm ignoring the morbid fact that I'm slowly on my way to losing my metabolism, my youth, and a body without aches and pains.  Instead, I'm just happy to be alive, living a life I've always dreamed, and that I'm surrounded by people I love and whom love me back.  There's still plenty ahead to look forward to.  It's enough, right?  Absolutely right.

Anyway, I did have a very happy birthday.  It feels kind of embarrassing to be put on the spot, but I am so lucky to have so many thoughtful family and friends (you know who you are!) go out of their way to make me feel special and loved.  I appreciate it.  I was spoiled rotten.  I think my mom's gift takes the cake though.  I feel like a pirate.  My mom sent me a little drawstring bag filled with 31 gold dollar coins!  I couldn't wipe the grin off my face when I opened it.

Over the weekend, Bron and I got to attend not one but TWO all-you-can-eat crab feeds.  It was finger lickin' delicious.  And smelly too!  Fund raising never tasted so good.  And there happened to be chocolate cake as well.  Birthday win!  Then we spent the rest of our date nights shopping.  Jed was a little disappointed for me in my gifts this year though.  What good is a new kitchen knife and makeup to a five year old boy?  Haha.  I know I'm thrilled!

After church on Sunday (my birthday day), my friend Amy invited our family over to her home for dinner.  She made lasagna and melt-in-your-mouth cream puffs and insisted that a birthday just isn't a birthday without candles.  I'm glad she insisted and am so thankful for her thoughtfulness!  It was a fun evening.

Happy Birthday to me!  Thirty-One is going to be a good year.  I can just feel it.
^^Mocking the selfie stick.  Date night fun.  This photo of Aaron and Bron makes me laugh out loud.  They have such sexy duck lips, don't they?^^
^^My birthday cream puff!  Thank you, Amy!^^


  1. It is weird to be in our thirties. But you're right, it really isn't so bad. Happy Birthday!


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