My First Photography Conference + Valentine's Day

It's true!  Over the weekend I attended my very first photography conference.  I was a little skeptical (would I really learn anything worthwhile?) and nervous (I was all by myself surrounded by strangers!), but I wound up meeting some friendly and talented women.  I also came away with a notebook full of tips and tricks and how-to's that I'm looking forward to applying to my photography and little business.  In essence, Photonative was the kick-in-the-pants I needed to keep pursuing this technical art form that I love--okay, that I am obsessed with.

I left late Thursday afternoon.  (It was so strange driving away with an empty back seat!)  The Photonative conference was held just a stone's throw away from my grandma's house in Orem, Utah so it was only natural I stay there with her.  I think I was looking forward to that more than anything!

Being welcomed by Grandma is like being welcomed home.  Grandma always makes me feel like her favorite grand-daughter; it's a neat personal trait she has.  Love.  So much love.  And Grandma definitely made sure that I did not starve either.  Food.  So much food.  Lemon meringue pie, bowls of fruit, a giant green salad, yum!  We talked and talked.  She's a transparent person: opening up about her heartaches and life's regrets, but more importantly sharing what she has learned.  If a nearly 80 year old woman can learn and grow, then so can I!  I love hanging out with my grandma.  She makes me smile.  I hope she knows how much she has influenced my life for good and how much I truly love and admire her.

^^Whenever I think of Grandma, I see her here in my mind's eye working in the kitchen.  I made sure to grab that picture while I was there one morning.^^

While in Utah for the weekend, I also skipped the Photonative party Friday night (How much awkward networking can one girl do in a day?  Bleh.) to visit with my old college roommate, Nikki!  We hadn't seen each other in years, but we didn't miss a beat.  Those kinds of friendships are too few and far between.  Miss you, Nik!  That was soo much fun.

Saturday night Grandma and I literally partied... with my aunt and uncle and cousins to celebrate Trajan's 5th birthday.  That kid is a hoot!  And that pound cake?  Delicious.

So in other words, my weekend probably consisted of more family than it did of photography, but it sure made the weekend ten times more enjoyable!  Family is everything.

I arrived home on Sunday afternoon, Valentine's Day, to some very excited happy faces and lots of hugs. It was enough for me, but the boys had a few special surprises: strawberries covered in chocolate (my favorite!) plus some pretty purple orchids.  Luckily, I had a few surprises hidden away especially for them too. I'm hands-down the most loved mama in the world. At least they make me feel that way.

Good weekend, yeah?  Yeah.


  1. How fun for you to get away for a weekend all on your own! A rare treat for sure. :)

  2. How fun; it sounds like this weekend was a combination of everything you love--family, friends, and photography. I can't imagine there being more tips and tricks to make your photography better. In my mind, your photos are the best I've ever seen!


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