A Frozen Falls Family Adventure

Last Monday just felt like a good evening for getting out of the house.  I find myself craving a little fresh air, family time, and adventure when it's been too long between outings.  So Bron came home from work a couple of hours early and we headed up into the South Hills to hike Ross Falls. 

The boys were excited to wear their new "water backpacks" they received for Christmas for the first time.  We also decked them out in their snow gear from head to toe.  And it's a good thing we did because the snow on the trail was at least a foot deep!  Jed courageously led the way, blazing through the snow like a veteran climber.  "I got this!" he called.  When we arrived at the frozen waterfall, you would've thought he was the first to set foot at the South Pole.  Jed was so excited and proud of himself!  As he should be.  He's a five year old stud.

It was a gorgeous evening and everyone had fun.  The boys are little troopers!  There's nothing like a little fresh air and family time to rejuvenate the soul.   

^^Oops!  Stepped in a hole.  Bron wound up carrying Levi most of the way on his shoulders.^^
^^Arriving at Ross Falls!  We could still hear the water trickling underneath the ice.^^
^^Words don't describe how happy these two boys make me.  I'm such a sappy mama.^^
^^Walking down the trail was much easier than up!^^
^^This happy moment between these two: priceless.^^
^^Bridge crossing.  It looks so different covered in snow!^^

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  1. That snow is deep! What a fun wintertime adventure. I never would have thought of hiking in the middle of winter. What fun!


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