New Sunbeam in Primary

Today was Levi's first day as a sunbeam at church! No more nursery.  I'm glad someone mentioned it a few weeks ago because this milestone kind of snuck up on me!  He walked right into primary today and didn't look back... until a couple of the other three year olds started crying.  Then he suddenly felt a little nervous.  I gave him a big hug and left hoping for the best.  Two hours later he came running to me with a huge happy grin and colored papers in hand. 

Levi, you may be ready for primary, but is primary ready for YOU?! God bless your teachers.

And of course, since I was taking pictures of Levi, Jed insisted on having his picture taken too.  I'm happy to oblige!  It's really hard to capture a genuine smile from Jed because he doesn't like to make eye contact/look at the camera.  But we did it!  Our running late to 1PM church yesterday had to be worth something, right?  Haha.

Jed is so handsome.  Doesn't he look so grown-up below?  It's like he's saying, "Hey, Mom.  How ya doin'?  What's for dinner tonight?"  And you know what else?  He cleaned ALL my baseboards--and did a good job!--in exchange for Cheetos and candy recently.  Wow, this growing up thing has some perks. 

I hope Jed knows how special he is to me.  He may not get the same attention his curly-haired little brother does, but he deserves it.  Jed is my caring and creative child.  He has talents, a loyalty to friends, and a personality that will take him a long way.          

Jed and Levi, you handsome little boys, you have your mama wrapped around your tiny pinky fingers.  I love you both so very much it aches!!!

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