Snapshots and Life Lately in January

January is flying by quickly!  I feel like I can hardly catch my own breath.  We have been sooo busy.  In fact, Christmas decorations didn't come down until this last weekend!  It was bordering somewhere on the line between pathetic and comical, I think.  But I suppose that I'd rather have a life surrounded with the needs of friends and family than a clean and orderly boring life.  Plus, who has time for the winter blues this year?  Certainly not me!

Jammin' on the piano one morning.  A part of me can't wait to get my kids involved in music lessons.  I suspect they might have some talent.  But that just might be my mommy blinders.  :)  I love this last detail shot of Levi's hands.  My baby is growing up right before my eyes!  I'm so grateful that three year olds are still small and a bit pudgy.

Party Animal.  We enjoyed friends over late one night and this is how I found him: zonked out on the couch.  That never happens!

^^Chilling in the basement at Grandma Nelson's house.^^

Quick synopsis of the third weekend in January:

Bron was out of town and the Nelsons stayed with us in Kimberly on Friday night.  The next morning, Mama Nelson and I drove to Ririe to set up for Kaleb and Chantee's open house.  Bron met us there.  The snow just kept coming down and piling up!  It was a crazy day.  But it was so good to catch up with friends and family at the open house that weren't able to make it to the wedding the week before.  Plus, Reed's Dairy ice cream and cookies galore?  Count me in!  It was a party!  I'm almost positive Levi ate an entire can of chocolate pirouettes by himself.  Little oinker.  That night, Talon and Amber graciously allowed our family to stay with them.  And Bron and Talon stayed up til 4AM (I repeat, 4AM!!!) talking.  If that wasn't quality family time, I don't know what is.   

World, I'd like you to meet my newest niece, Eliza Mae, born to Garret and Nichole.  She arrived earth-side less than 24 hours before we arrived to set-up for the open house.  Talk about good timing!  Eliza has the cutest tiny turned up nose and sweetest disposition.  I loved snuggling this sweet newborn!  And yet, a part of me was glad she wasn't mine.  Babies are so much work.  It was a trip watching Nichole adjust to all the new demands of motherhood for the first time.  She's a wonderful mother already though.

They play the best together (for hours!) as soon as I ask them to clean up.  Hmmm.  It's kind of wonderful.

However, the mess still needs to be cleaned!  A while after I took this picture (and after I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen), I came out with a trash bag.  The boys know the drill: whatever I pick up, I get to keep for a week.  I picked up about four toys when the boys suddenly got their little rears in gear.  "We gotta beat, Mom!" they chanted as they rushed around picking up toys.  And like a miracle, the whole house was de-cluttered in 20 minutes flat.  Parenting win right there, I'd say.  Woot!  If only it worked that way every time. Sigh.

Midnight Snack.  This photo pretty much sums up Levi's food habit.  Seriously, this kid opened the fridge and freezer simultaneously and asked, "Hmmm, what should I eat?"  It was like I suddenly saw a pint-sized fifteen year old!  I laughed.  Bottomless pit child.

Nap time in my bed.  Levi is three years old and thankfully still naps several days a week. He often asks me to lay down with him. I gladly oblige and we drift off to sleep together. Sometimes we even hold hands. I am really, really going to miss this one day. Don't grow up too fast, okay little man?

We cared for a petite little girl affectionately called Cora Dee in our home last week.  Except for a few screaming tantrums (the girl was determined to get in the pool at swimming lessons!), she was a joy to have, just waddling around and smiling at us.  And though she eyed my husband suspiciously (it was hilarious), she became quite attached to Jed and me.  That was the best part.  It was fun watching Jed take on the caring older brother role. Cora trusted Jed! She ran to Jed in tears for a hug after Levi took her toy.  I nearly teared up.  It was so sweet.  I really hope another baby for our family is in our future because I'd love to see this in our home more often.


  1. Fun pictures! Looks like a good and busy month.

  2. Love the fridge picture - seriously why do kids have to open both doors of the fridge and why do we constantly have to be making and cleaning up food ;) I love how you captured the ordinary things. Makes it look so magical, BTW- you are a great mom!

  3. Wow, I can see why January was so busy!! Were you and the boys in a wedding? We call our son Lewie the "bottomless pit" too. He's ALWAYS hungry, and now eating way more than me! I can't even imagine what he'll be like at 15! I love your method of getting the boys to clean up. I might have to "borrow" your strategy... As always, I love all your pictures. Your stories/anecdotes always come to life with your beautiful photos.


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