A Boy and His Dog

After over a decade of living in the great cold north, I think I am finally embracing the beauty {and fun} that comes with winter.  I just have to dress in layers and get outside.  Snow can be so magical!  It can even make a sage brush desert look pretty.

One day back in December, we went sledding in the South Hills, just my two little boys and me... and the dog, of course, too.  It was a fun but cold and short-lived trip.  Jed wasn't quite done playing when we left.  He said he wanted to do some more exploring before we went home, so I pulled into Indian Springs for a few minutes where I was able to capture this moment between Jed and his dog, Tyke.

Tyke is like my over-looked middle child.  We welcomed him into the family at about a year old, months before Levi was even born.  And though I absolutely wanted to strangle that dog his first year with us, he has wriggled his way into all our hearts.  Not only is he athletic and the best trail dog on the planet by always taking up the rear, Tyke is also extremely smart!  He knows when he's been naughty.  And he can smile!  No kidding.  When he's happy to see us, he bares his teeth in a kind of grin.  It's so weird but so cool.  Tyke is able to read the family dynamics, coming around for some love when the opportunity arises, otherwise dozing on the carpet near the couch.  He is patient and mellow with the kids.  He is also their protector from the other neighborhood dogs.  Jed and Levi don't know life without their Tyke!  Today, he deserves a little highlight on the family blog too.  We love you, Tyke!  


  1. I can't wait until mckai is old enough to love our kacee girl as much as we do. Dogs really do add to a family in their own unique way!

  2. it is about time!!! Yay for Tyke. He is one awesome dog. Love the picture of him and Jed. It is magical.

  3. So funny, I had been looking at your blog one night recently and Kyle commented that you don't post much about your dog. I laughed to read you mention him being the overlooked middle child. So fun for your boys to have a dog. Its true, they really are like an additional child though.

  4. I'm still waiting for my dog to be cool....right now he's an annoying puppy! But the boys LOVE him. Every kid needs a dog.


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