Welcome 2016!

A Quick 2015 Review:

In January, I turned 30 years old.  Bron treated me to a weekend ski trip where we got lost in a snowstorm at dusk in Teton National Park.

In February, Bron's brother got married and I got to take a weekend girls' trip to Park City.

In March, Jed learned how to ride a two wheeler bike!  I also babysat my three nieces for a week and came away with some really great toddler poop stories.

In April, Jed received a brand new big bike for his fifth birthday and then promptly rode it straight into an irrigation ditch!  It was also the month I sadly miscarried a baby.

In May, Jed graduated from preschool and the four of us went on a fun trip to California to see family.  We visited the beach, Sea World, and Medieval Times.  Bron and I also ran the Insane Inflatable 5K race with some good friends.

In June, Levi learned to ride a two wheeler bike at a whopping two years and ten months old.  We also started taking weekly trips to Bass Lake and the South Hills to picnic and play.

In July, the Smith family reunion was held in Lake Powell and we jet skied till we couldn't hold on anymore.  We went raspberry picking and cooked s'mores over an open campfire.  It was also the month that Bron and I experienced our epic backpacking adventure!

In August, Levi turned three years old, Bron and I conquered a 30 mile mountain bike race called Pierre's Hole, and Jed started kindergarten!

All of our weekends in September were spent rock climbing.

In October, I ran the Just Cuz Half Marathon with my friend, Amy.  We visited the Boise Zoo and the pumpkin patch.  Plus, our family were the Avengers for Halloween.

In November, we got our first big snow and celebrated Thanksgiving with family.

In December, Bron and I got to escape to Salt Lake City for a beautiful night at Temple Square. We also went sledding as a family and celebrated Bron's birthday and Christmas.

This year has been one of polar opposites for me: unforgettable highs and emotional lows.  Somehow though, I am overwhelmed with great gratitude for it all.  Countless adventures and fond memories made this year with the people I hold most dear to my heart, it's a life blessed beyond measure.  This year I think I have learned to let go of my own expectations for the future and cherish what I have now because Heavenly Father, in His infinite wisdom, seems to have other plans.  I'm not sure what those plans are, but I am sure in my faith that my Heavenly Father does indeed love me.  2015 you've been a good one; a year of a lot of monumental firsts.  You're not to be forgotten.  May the next year be as adventurous as the last.



  1. I like this idea! My overview would probably not be as exciting haha. It's crazy what happens in just a year though. My new years goal this year is to see more of my sister!

  2. Sounds like an eventful year! I personally am excited for 2016 :) I believe big things are in store :)


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