Snapshots of Life Lately: Wrapping Up Winter

A freezing cold walk in the fog one morning.  We don't get fog around here very often, so we took advantage of it while we could!

Jedi Master vs. Captain America.

Last week I hit my wall: I was tired of a house that looked like a bomb went off in it every single day. The clutter was horrible! So I took every last toy the boys owned and organized them. I stuffed half into a bin that is now in the garage. One quarter of their toys are now in the closet ready to be swapped out and the other quarter the boys have access to. I cannot believe the difference! The boys are happier. They stay entertained longer. And the best part? Clean up doesn't feel overwhelming anymore. Every single toy was out one afternoon but we had everything whipped into shape in less than ten minutes! That meant we got to snuggle up on the couch after dinner to watch Star Wars Episode I together. I'm singing my little motherhood song of victory. Less is totally more.

I looked out the window one morning to spy this Great Horned Owl just chillin' in our backyard tree!  So cool.

Poor kid was sick for a couple of days.  He fell asleep on the couch.  Naturally, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.  I just want to smooch that sweet round face!

A shootout at breakfast with half eaten toast. 

Star Wars has some pretty intense moments! 

Jed is learning to read!  I'm not sure who is more thrilled, him or me. Jed has been struggling with phonetics as the individual letters don't mean anything to him. Instead, he prefers to memorize whole words. But one day it all seemed to click. With some help from me, he read one little beginner reader after another. He is so happy with himself! And there are no words to describe my joy. In fact, I'm reveling in it. Jed is my oldest child and each new milestone accomplished is just as new to me as it is to him. We're marching straight into uncharted independent big kid territory now. This growing up stuff is equal parts exciting and bittersweet, but that day was just 100% exciting.

It's beginning to look like spring!  Some days are breathtakingly beautiful while others are just breezy and cold.  The temperature on this particular day topped out at 59* degrees!  The boys wanted to run through the sprinklers but we settled on bike riding instead. 

Budding independence. Getting his own toast from the toaster with a giant oven mitt. Safety first!

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