What We Did Over Christmas Break

Before we get too far into January, let's rewind time and remember all the fun we had during the two weeks of Christmas break!

Friday, the day after Christmas, we loaded up into the car to spend the day at my mom's house in Boise.  It was almost like Christmas day all over again.  My mom put on the whole spread: turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, hot rolls, green beans, and cheesecake for dessert.  Yum!  It was all so delicious and I ate too much.  Then we opened presents!  The little boys were spoiled once again.  We set up Jed's new train track and spent the afternoon playing with the new toys in the family room.  We're so lucky to live so close to family.  Thank you Mom for a wonderful second Christmas!

^^Levi found all of my mom's little candy dishes throughout the house and ate them all gone!  Thus, the chocolate goatee.  He sure was excited about his new "tool set".  Mini man.^^ 
^^Jed's concentration managing his new train set!  Too cute.^^


We enjoyed a quiet slow week at home with no schedules and really no where to be.  Even Bron had a super slow week at work.  Bliss!  I also somehow managed to toss my chore list to the side and let the house get pretty cluttered.  It was so worth it.  We relaxed and played.  Take me back! 

^^The boys had their first encounter with RC cars.  They never really figured out how to turn right or left, so we had forward and backward races.  Classic.  The best part was they were so excited and proud of themselves!^^
^^We colored and prayed at the kitchen table. // We spent a morning at the local college museum.  Don't we look extra smart with those magnifying glasses? // We went sledding with the Young family.  Diamond Field Jack was much faster and bumpier than our first trip.  The kids literally went flying!  Haha.  Fortunately, everyone had a good time and Jed became my tubing buddy.  In his words, "That was wuper awesome!"  I'll never tire of that enthusiastic little voice.^^


Then New Year's Eve we invited as many friends over for appetizers and desserts as were available.  We had a house full!  And everyone brought food.  Even the kids participated in our silly "bag game".  It requires some flexibility to pick up an extra short piece of paper bag from the floor without using any knees or hands!  Some moments were pretty hysterical.  We partied till about 10:30PM when all the kids finally fell apart.  Then Bron and I ushered in 2015 together quietly on the couch.  It was the most lively new year's eve I've had in quite a while!
^^C'mon!  Stick to my tongue!  Hahaha.^^
^^The ladies rocked this game!^^


Finally, that last weekend before we were back to school and work and reality, we visited the Nelson side of the family in Ririe.  It was fun to see everyone and catch up.  And even more fun spending an afternoon taking engagement pictures for Bron's little brother, Garret!  Nicole makes him so so very happy.  Can't wait for their wedding next month!  

And that was our wonderful Christmas break in a nutshell.

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  1. What a super fun and relaxing Christmas break. We actually did some of the same things here--visited friends and family, relaxed at home, and let the house stay a little cluttered too. I love the engagement photos you took for Bron's little brother and his fiancée. They look like such a cute and happy couple! (Oh, and does Jed love his Trackmaster train set? Lewie loved his, but he was always rearranging the tracks into his own creations...Now he's into Lego trains...)


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