Bunk Beds for the Boys

 ^^Props to Grandma Nelson who made the warm jean quilts for their beds!  Yes, my children have a t.v. in their room (aka my sanity) but no worries, I take the remote away from time to time too.^^ 
 ^^Toys galore and a children's library.  That's Tiga, Jed's crochet rhino.  Also, an alarm clock that glows green at 7:30 each morning.  The boys aren't allowed out of bed until then.  Brilliant sleep saver!^^

We bought bunk beds!  (Off of Craigslist with a toy box and dresser included from some neighbors we happened to know.  Small world when you live in a small town.)  Now our two busy little boys sleep like two peas in a pod in the same room.  So far, it's actually been a wonderful transition.  They absolutely love it.  I can hear them in there all day long... playing with toys, climbing up and down the ladder (it's like a jungle gym to them), and just chatting away.  Jed looks after his little brother; sometimes he even reminds him to use the potty.  It's so funny and heartwarming to over hear, knowing that they're strengthening that brotherly bond and beginning to make memories that will last their lifetimes.

My little sister and I used to share a room and a set of bunk beds for years.  When we talk bunk beds we immediately burst into laughter because the first memory that comes to both our minds is how I used to hang my foot over the edge and then she'd LICK it!  From toe to heel.  Sooo gross, but it TICKLED!  So we repeated it over and over again.  We made forts in the bottom bunk.  We tucked all our treasures into the cubbies that were our headboards.  We talked and cried and fought and hugged-- all in that little room of ours.

And that's simply my hope for these two brothers.

When I tuck Levi into bed at night he'll sometimes tell me, "It not cozy."  So I flip the pillow over and ask him if that helped.  "My bed is cozy!" he grins as he snuggles down deep under his covers and holds Wolfie close.  Dang, I want to climb in too!  But instead, I tell them "Good night!  I love you!  Sweet dreams," as I blow them kisses and gently shut the door.  The little smacks and "Love you's" I hear in return melt me into a puddle.  Aw, this is a good change.  

P.S.  If you're wondering what will happen to our other bedroom, it has been turned into a toy room/guest room.  No, no baby on the way.  (I know some of you were hoping!)  Maybe someday we'll get that third child I so pray and hope for, but for the foreseeable future, we're a happy family of four.     


  1. Look at that Levi's face! He is so fun. I put our big boys together last summer and they just love it. I am glad yours do too!

    (and you all are welcome for dinner anytime ;)

  2. The thought of my boys sharing rooms again scare me! I know I will eventually have to do it since we're adding #4 and only have 4 bedrooms... But stil
    You have it decorated super cute btw.

  3. OKKK First off. Picture perfect pictures! Holy cow! ANd second! I hope my room looks this cute! How fun that they are together. They will grow up to be the best of buddies! SO FUN!!!

  4. That looks like a nice bunk bed set! Everything matches. That is my dream, someday! We will most likely move the girls into bunk beds once Keira is out of the crib. They already share a room, so no adjustment there. :) I'm glad your boys are enjoying sharing a room!

  5. I meant to comment on the TV. No worries, we have one in the playroom. It gets used just once or twice a week, but it sure can be a life saver. I totally get it. :)

  6. Their bedroom looks so adorable! Growing up, I always thought bunk beds were so cool. Of course, we didn't need any in our house since I was an only child. It sounds like your two boys are going to have many happy memories from sharing a room together. (And yes, I have to admit that I was wondering if you might be expecting a third little one; you read my mind!)

  7. I love our memories of sharing a room :) They'll make good memories too. That's so cute that Jed reminds Levi to go potty. They are the sweetest boys!


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