His VS Her Weekend


Bron spent a three day weekend snowmobiling with ten other guys in West Yellowstone.  He called it "working" with a giant grin on his face.  One of the perks of Bron's job is that he gets the opportunity to wine and dine the dairymen from time to time.  Apparently, they ate a lot of steak and had a blast.  The only casualties of the trip were one windshield and the tree seen above.


I stayed home to hold down the fort with two seemingly extra whiny and hard of hearing little boys.  It was the third week in a row that my dear husband had been out of town (I NEED that man!) and I was starting to run ragged.  Fortunately, when my neighbor Tiana offered to babysit Jed and Levi in exchange for babysitting her little kiddos, I jumped on the opportunity to run errands alone in town and sit down at Chili's for a flavorful lunch with time enough to relax and read my favorite magazine.  Yes folks, that photo above is what bliss looks like.

Then Saturday morning I may have texted Bron with an expletive or two telling him I was hanging by a thread!  He suggested an afternoon at Jump Time followed by a visit to the college museum and a Redbox movie.  And that's exactly what we did... after some extra early 11:00AM naps because I just couldn't stand the whiiiiining any longer.  But the afternoon out turned out to be exactly what everyone needed.  (Sorry, no pictures!  Sometimes it's just better that way.)  The boys and I had a blast at Jump Time, a warehouse full of blow-up slides and trampolines.  We had sooo much fun racing down the slides, jumping, and pegging each other with the soft dodge balls.  And this mama still has it!  Round off back layout?  No problem.  Just don't ask me to do two in a row.  Haha  I love those happy memory-making moments with my boys!  They mean so much to me.  After the museum and some dinner, we snuggled up to watch Sherman and Mr. Peabody until Bron walked through the door.  Yay!


Sunday morning we were lucky enough to hear Elder Ballard speak at Stake Conference at church.  Those Apostles sure know how to deliver a good speech!  Afterwards, we just chilled and played some "soccer" in the backyard because it felt like spring out there. 

Perfect ending to an overall pretty great weekend!

^^The kid has some skillz!  Proud Mama.^^
^^Goofy Dad!^^


  1. I feel you with the whinny boys/being alone thing! Keeping your sanity as a parent requires the presence of two adults sometimes. I'm glad you were able to get out and take a break :)

  2. ah yes that is bliss, eating lunch alone...and a fave read. Parenting alone is such a trial. Hooray for a nice break from your neighbor.

  3. Dude girl last week was the week from h-e-double-hockey-sticks! My girls were off the walls and whiny too and I had HAD it! Yesterday Andrew took a half day off and brought me lunch hahaha it wasn't alone but it WAS alone with him so that helped hahaha

  4. 3 weeks with no husband?! I'd be going crazy too. Glad you survived and got some alone time. What a nice neighbor!

  5. The weekends were always the hardest for me when Kev was gone.. I swear the hours passed so much more slowly. So glad your neighbor was there to help!

    Do you mind if I ask you what settings you were on for the last shoot you shared? I have a newborn shoot Saturday morning and I feel like my last ones turned out so grainy :/

  6. I love Sherman and Mr. Peabody!! I also know the feeling all too well when the husband has been gone too long and the days seem to drag and the kids get whiny. They need their dad just as much as we need him and some alone time!

  7. It sounds like it may be time for a "Girls Weekend" or maybe a photography business trip (for your own business, of course). In all seriousness, I'm glad you had a chance to swap babysitting with your neighbor as it sounds like that was the ticket to a little sanity. You are surely one Super Mom! Wish I lived closer :)


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