Monthly Photography Challenge: Street Photography

Technically, street photography, "features the human condition within public places," but I'm taking my own twist on the subject this month and featuring a lifestyle session I shot instead.  Family is the human condition nearest and dearest to my own heart right now as a mother.  I love how a lifestyle session documents those feelings and precious moments of bringing home a new baby in some small way. 

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Perhaps I'll take another stab at this theme come April because living in rural Idaho, street photography to me involves tractors and farmers and cows. But it's January and none of that is to be had till spring. So in the mean time, hop on over to see what these other talented ladies have conjured up!  (P.S. We added another photographer, Elizabeth!)


  1. Eeeee....this gives me baby fever! These are so great, and I'm sure that the family cherishes the memories that you captured for them!

  2. So happy with how these turned out! Thanks again for sharing your talents with my little family!

  3. I love lifestyle sessions. They're my favorite to look at. They're just so real! Great job.

  4. These are precious and so endearing. I love lifestyle sessions and prefer them over all others. :-)

  5. I looove these lifestyle pictures! So great.

  6. Oh I just love these "lifestyle" photos. They really do provide a glimpse into another family's life, and for the family, a snapshot in time... I can't wait until you do "street photography" with tractors, farmers, and cows. How cool is that!


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