Snow Day and Silly Stories

Days of dreary fog finally gave way to a beautiful blanket of fresh snow on Monday morning.  So of course we went out to play in it!  Snow like this makes the freezing temperatures worth it.  It's like magic!

Also, one of my up and coming favorite past times with these two crazy boys is throwing snow balls at each other!  Jed and Levi each try to heft giant armfuls of snow half as big as they are and then chuck them at me.  They miss and the snowballs break into pieces at my feet.  I, on the other hand, choose palm sized snowballs to throw and I have much better aim.  I wish I could bottle up those squeals and laughter! 

^^Levi was acting cranky (typical two year old) so he threw a fit face down right here in the snow.  Haha.  Jed and I went on our merry way without him.^^
 ^^Levi eventually warmed up to the idea of playing in the snow and was soon all smiles tromping around the snow filled yard.^^
 ^^Snow covered branches.  Always such a pretty sight.^^
^^That's my boy!  Rain or shine, wind and snow, I can be sure to find Levi riding his bike.^^
 ^^Jed making snow angels!^^

Some Silly Short Stories:

 :: The phrase Feliz Navidad was sung at our house by Jed as "Feliz Notty Dot!" over and over and over again. 

:: As I dished up rice and vegetables onto plates for dinner, Levi asked, "Where's the meat?" 

:: Outside in the sandbox one morning, Jed and I had just made a special fort for his army guy when Levi suddenly came up and kicked it all down.  Levi took off running across the yard.  "I a bad boy!" he proclaimed with a laugh.  (Heaven help me raise this kid because I'm gonna need it.)

:: I was drinking one of my rare quarterly sodas when Levi asked for a sip.  He screwed up his face, stuck out his tongue and exclaimed, "That SPICY!"  Hahaha.

:: I tried explaining to Jed one evening about how no one has seen a Tyrannosaurus Rex for millions of years; they don't exist anymore.  Jed chimed in, "But my grandpa, a long time ago he went outside and saw a T-Rex!" (Grandpa, just how old are you?)


  1. Lucky you for getting snow! We just got gray skies and lots of rain. Not as much fun. But those stories are so funny! Made me laugh.

  2. Haha hadi calls carbonated drinks spicy too!! Those pictures you took are to die for. You are building such a beautiful visual family history!

  3. the "spicy comment!!!" hahahaha so cute! I don't think Ryan has ever tried it! Now I'm curious to see what he would say! Sorry - just catching up on posts over here! :) Loving all these snow pictures and missing the snow!

  4. I'm still waiting for a good snow day here! Every time we have precipitation, it's over 32 degrees and rain, but every time we have a dry day, it's in the teens and twenties. We have the cold--just no snow. Throwing snowballs is so much fun! Levi definitely cracks me up. How can you be mad at him when he runs away giggling, "I a bad boy." ??

  5. The snow is so pretty! I'm glad I don't have to deal with it anymore though.

  6. I love those little stories! I need to write some down. And dang, it looks bitter cold up there. I can't believe how different your yard looks! I've only seen it green!

  7. That picture of Jed throwing a tantrum is hilarious and priceless!!


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