Recent November Happenings

I'm sorry for the radio silence on this little blog; it feels a bit strange!  But rest assured everything is hunky-dory here.  With the Holidays drawing near, life is just moving along at terrific speed.  Plus, I'm up to my eyeballs with pictures to edit.  I feel guilty taking the time to blog when I have several paid sessions that need my attention.  My little photography business has really taken flight this year.  It's exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  Thankfully, the "busy season" is coming to a close.  I'm looking forward to working on some personal photography projects and blogging a bit more.  On the bright side, with all the extra income, Christmas is really going to rock this year!

So let me fill you in on a few recent happenings...

1.  Don't let this adorable little face fool you, Levi is like living with Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde!  Yes, the terrible two's have come barreling in like a freight train.  Levi is normally a sweet and silly kid, but boy does he have a temper.  Like a light switch, Levi's happy demeanor can turn into an hysterical screaming fit if something doesn't go his way.  He's also been pushing all the limits, like coming out of his room over and over again at bedtime.  "Go to bed, Levi,"  I say sternly.  "Mom, I want to give you a kiss," he responds sweetly.  He then plants a giant wet one on my cheek.  How can I possibly discipline that?!  (A.K.A.  How I've been manipulated by my son for the 1000th time and I don't even care.)  

Fortunately, despite Levi being very different from Jed, this terrible two phase seems to be easier the second time around.  Perhaps it's because I'm used to the noise and misbehavior?  Or perhaps I've learned a thing or two as a parent?  Either way, my stress level isn't nearly as high.

2.  After 20 weeks, (yes, it had really been that long!) I finally got my hair cut and colored and my eyebrows tamed, er I mean, shaped.  I didn't realize what a little self-love meant for my self-esteem!  I feel like a whole new woman and am loving it all.

Levi also got his very first professional hair-cut.  Bron has cut it at home three or four times, but the curls are getting too difficult to deal with.  He needs a pro.  Luckily, Levi was all smiles at the salon and still talks about the sucker he received afterwards.

On a related note, Levi has gotten into the habit of shopping with me alone.  We went grocery shopping and got his hair cut all while Jed was at preschool last week.  So after we dropped Jed off at the bus stop yesterday, he said he wanted to go to the store.  Okay!  Spoiled kid.  I love having a little extra one-on-one time with him.

3.  We set up our Christmas tree.  I blame the snowstorm.  Cheers to being the first folks on the block with their Christmas tree up!  I just couldn't wait.  I had my brand new nine foot tree sitting in a box in the garage and all its new ornaments I'd bought on sale the year before sitting in the attic practically begging to be put up.  My tree is a Christmas dream come true!  I love that it's up early this year.

4.  Since I haven't said much about Jed, well, he's an awesome four year old.  I love him to pieces!  He's obsessed with coloring and coloring books, often falls asleep on the bus ride home, and likes the crunch of brown leaves, ice, and snow beneath his feet... just like his mama. 

5.  Bron and I left our boys with a sitter and drove all the way to Pocatello on Saturday night to meet up with his life-long friends, Tyson, Travis, and Sam.  I met them when Bron and I started dating in college, waaay back in 2005.  Then Travis started dating Kim and the six of us frequented Texas Roadhouse on the weekends--for years--all the way up till 2009 when Bron and I left for New York.  Somewhere in there Tyson married Stef and it's been a party ever since.  So meeting for a much needed date night at Texas Roadhouse was just the ticket.  It felt so so good to catch up with everyone in person, Sam's beard and all!

On the way home, Bron mentioned that the paring knives always have spots and it bothers him!  I just laughed because there is no way I am scrubbing those by hand after every single use.  That naturally led into why our glasses our foggy.  Note to self: never ever buy Oxi Clean for the dishwasher ever again; it simply doesn't work.  Lemi Shine is the magic worker.  So we stopped off at WalMart in Burley for a family size bag of Lemi Shine.  And then we browsed the toy section.  It made me so incredibly excited for Christmas! 

In other words, it was a really great date night with my main squeeze!  I sure love Bron and am grateful for our sweet, fun, and rewarding marriage.

6.  All three of my boys had a blast at Jump Time last night with friends.  Happy Birthday, Owyn!  I, on the other hand, stayed home with a stomach bug.  Boo.  I think it was food poisoning.  Geez, that was violent.  My sweet man has been taking good care of me, doing his job as well as mine.  What would I do without Bron?  Thankfully, I'm feeling much better tonight--just in time for some Thanksgiving pie making.  I'm excited.

I hope you have a wonderful and  
Happy Thanksgiving!!!      


  1. Oh Levi!! That boy has my heart... okay, Jed AND Levi have my heart :) They are the sweetest ever! But those photos of Levi kill me DEAD! He's so cute!
    Seriously looooooving your hair!
    Sounds like a perfect date night with Bron! I was going to suggest lemishine but you obviously got that figured out! The family size bag is my best friend, HA!

  2. Those boys are killing me with cuteness!! Oh my gosh!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Jessie! I love your new haircut, and I'm so glad you're finding time to do some of the things you love--going on a double date night at Texas Roadhouse, Christmas shopping, setting up your beautiful nine foot Christmas tree!! It sounds like you're ready to celebrate the holidays this year big time. I love this time of year too!

  4. Love the new do! I like your hair short. And I love your family! I'm going to have to try your dishwasher soap!


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