All About the Week My Sister Came to Visit

Let's talk about my sister!  Last week my sister, Lauren, came all the way up from southern Arizona with her two little boys, Carter and Jaxon, to enjoy some of the Autumn colors.  They stayed at our mom's house near Boise.  Naturally, I dropped everything so that my two little boys and I could be there too!  It was a full house, but a reunion probably shouldn't be any other way.  It was different this year since our mom is working full time. (We may be bona fide adults but we still need you, Mom!)  However, we still made a host of special memories.

But before I tell you about the highlights, let me be clear about some realities: four little boys ages four and under undoubtedly gave us our fair share of chaos and high-stress moments.  Like when we knew going shopping with all of them would end in disaster but we went anyway.  Levi literally laid on the tile floor of Ross kicking and screaming as I made my purchases.  I carried him out in tears (His tears or mine?  I can't remember.  Probably both.) under the stares of everyone else in the store.  Luckily, some folks wore understanding smiles.  Whew.   

Fortunately, the highs definitely out-weighed the lows.  We actually had a lot of fun!  The kids went wild one evening playing at an indoor park with tubes and ropes and ball pits alongside their Uncle Ryan (who is only ten).  We admired the blazing trees during golden hour at the park on two different afternoons.  We enjoyed gabbing the evening away with some cousins over dinner.  We explored the aquarium and touched live sting-rays and giant lizards.  Lauren and I even got to sneak away together for a few hours for some recreational shopping.  (I came home with a 9 foot Christmas tree bought at half price!  Woohoo!)  It was a full trip!

Of course, I took some pictures...

^^View of the pond at Fuller Park^^
^^Levi summed up in one photo.  I can't get over this one!^^
^^Um, isn't my sister gorgeous?  She let me snap some pictures of her when the light was just phenomenal.^^
^^Yes.  Yes, Levi came to find us with his pants down.  Haha.^^
^^I keep coming back to this photo of my sister and nephew. Carter's face is priceless! He sure loved that swing ride last week.^^
^^Levi diving head first into the pack 'n play.  Crazy kid!^^
^^Admiring the giant lizard at the aquarium!^^
^^Carter and Lauren petting the sting-rays!  They feel like wet cheese.^^
^^Jed felt brave and got his hand in the tank too!^^
^^Few things feel sweeter to me than resting with a baby on your chest.^^ 
^^Jax is the cutest nephew that ever lived.  Those big eyes slay me.  And his cheeks are like soft giant plums.  I just want to smooch on him!^^
 ^^Chips for breakfast^^
^^Our mom with her grandboys.^^

Honestly, I think my favorite parts of Lauren's visit were just getting to spend some quality time with her at home.  We stayed up one night just talking and taking ridiculous personality quizzes.   It's amazing how similar we are and yet so very different too!  And we LOVE making music together.  We practically gravitate towards the piano and violin in the front room.  I'm a little embarrassed to share this, but I promised my sister I'd compile our musical nerdiness into one short video. Our talents for music are quite different.  Lauren sings.  I play the violin.  When Lauren listens to the radio, she hears lyrics. When I listen to the radio, all I hear are notes. Thus, a little Yellowcard and Payphone for your viewing pleasure mixed with one crazy child.  It's what we do best together!  All those years of music lessons...I wonder if we make our mom proud or not?  Ha!      

I couldn't help feeling suddenly lonely and a little sad as I hugged Lauren goodbye and drove away last Friday.  Seeing each other just five, six, maybe ten days a year simply isn't enough!  I love you, Sista!  And I love the silly bond we share.


  1. Great photos, but that is to be expected. You are an incredibly beautiful and talented old woman and Laruen is an incredibly beautiful and talented young woman. You're almost 30, aren't you? hahahahaha. Seriously though - i was totally blown away by that fun video. It fun, but you cannot deny the talents you both have! I never heard you play or she sing, and it just took my breath away. Lastly, as much as Jed is a mini you and a mini Commander, Jaxon looks so MUCH like Lauren. Wow. Glad you had a great time!!!

  2. Oh my and your sister are so talented and so fun!! Of course, you've gotta love those moments where you have to stop for your boys. We're always parents first, aren't we? I'm so glad you both had a wonderful time. Something tells me the boys had an equally great time :)

  3. What a perfect week with your family (tantrums and all)!! Oh how I wish I had a sister! I mean, sister in laws are great, but sometimes I feel like I'm not needed when they have their own sisters they grew up with, like the bond just isn't the same. If that makes sense? Hopefully I can give Mia a sister someday!
    Can we also talk about how beautiful you girls are?! Sheesh! Model status! Also, incredibly talented!!

  4. I miss the full house with all the noise and toys scattered and sweet smiles and hugs. It was so fun to have you all here! You girls make me sooo proud--you are both very talented and beautiful inside and out! And you are wonderful mommies to the cutest grandsons--my heart is so full! I love you!

  5. So fun! I love that you have such a fun relationship with your sister. That's something I'm working on. The 9 year gap between my sister and I has always been so large. Now that we're older it doesn't feel quite so large anymore. Seriously sounds like you had a great week, despite the shopping tantrums. Why do we do that? I think all moms do, we know it will be torture, yet we still take the little shopping with us.

  6. You are both beautiful! And what a fun week! I loved the video! What talent!

  7. SO many things, I don't know how to cover them all..a) beautiful pic of your sis in the light. b) that chubby little nephew- I love him c) you are such a talented musician! And I love watching yall get lost in the piano and then Jed breaking it up. Such a wonderful post- glad your sister was able to come visit!


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