An Epic Whitecloud Mountain Biking Adventure

Dun, dun, dun....

 ^^Redfish Lake at sunrise.^^

Waaaay back in September, Bron and a couple of his buddies took off to the Sawtooth Mountains for a 27 mile epic back country mountain biking adventure that has already gone down as a highlight of the summer.  (I'm just glad the three of them came back in one piece!  After all, they did see bear tracks.  But I'm dying to tag along next year anyway.)  The boys spent two nights camping on the shores of Redfish Lake.  Bron said that the experience was flat-out incredible; seeing a sea of stars reflected back in the glassy surface of the water gave all three of them vertigo.

 ^^Antz Basin.  10,000 feet above sea level.^^
 ^^Last of many creek crossings^^

The mountain biking ride itself was an all day venture including about 5,000 feet of vertical drop, rare views of mountain lakes, peaks, and meadows, and navigating through rock slides and numerous creek crossings.  They had a blast!  A mile and a half into the trail, the boys didn't a single other soul for the rest of the day save for a few mountain goats and deer.  The shear vast primitive ruggedness of central Idaho is awe-inspiring to behold.  Fortunately, it was all recorded via two different go pros and painstakingly compiled into one video for your viewing pleasure.  If you're short on time, I recommended jumping straight to 7:20 for a good laugh at the end.


  1. Whoa, they are intense!! But the scenery is AMAZING! Each time you post about mountain biking it makes me wish I could really get into this sport!

  2. I think Kyle would love this. How fun for Bron that he could get out with friends and do something he loves to do!


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