Halloween 2014: Nailed It

We nailed Halloween this year!  Definitely one for the books.  As a mom, I think I have just as much fun dressing up my little boys the whole family and watching them as I did just being a kid on Halloween. I mean, just look at that handsome horse.  Hardy-har-har!  But really, it's my little boys' excitement that seals the deal for me. 

This year, both Jed and Levi understood exactly what was going on.  "We get candeee!" Levi exclaimed.  So after a few pictures in the front yard, it was off to the city park for some Trunk or Treat fun.  "I don't want to go home," Levi lamented when it was all over.  Jed and Levi practically jumped for joy when I told them we could go knocking door to door in our own neighborhood for even more candy.

Armed with some flashlights and the double stroller, we made our rounds from home to home.  I couldn't help thinking how lucky we are to be surrounded by such genuinely good people and how even more unique it is that I know most everyone's name on our end of the neighborhood; we've met at least once and some folks I interact with weekly.  I even got a good scare from one man up the street who snuck up behind me with a green mask!  Levi fisted two suckers at a time, Jed ate his weight in chocolate, and after a nice hot shower, it was the happiest of Halloweens ever.  I can't wait to do it all over again next year.         

^^The Young family, off to see the wizard!^^
^^The Nelsons: a dragon, a knight, a princess, and a horse.  That horse mask kills me.  And no, Bron couldn't see or breathe, but he was a good sport!^^
^^I borrowed this awesome vintage dress and cape from my friend Amy.  Super fun!^^
^^Our neighbors Jim and Janice are like an extra set of sweet grandparents to the kids.  They were spoiled rotten!^^


  1. haha the horse! I really love family theme costumes. We've tried and failed two years now. I just don't think we can make up our minds. I'm hoping Aria has a strong opinion next year and she can pick the theme.

  2. I can't get over the horse mask. That seriously is the coolest thing ever. I also love you friends wizard of oz theme! If I could convince my family of that I would. We're totally lacking on the girl part of that though.

  3. So fun that you all dressed up. Bron is a good sport to wear the horse mask! I love the repurpose of the dragon costume and tied in with knight Jed. Fun pictures too.

  4. What a good idea! I love family costumes . . . growing up, my family never did joint costumes (other than the one year that my brother was John Smith and I was Pocahontas), but now that I have my own little family, I can't imagine doing it any other way! It's too fun to match/go together! :)

  5. That horse mask cracks me up! Cute family. :)

  6. Cutest stinking family EVER!! I actually hate dressing up myself, the idea stresses me out! If I could sew that would be a different story, maybe ;) But dressing Mia up was fun so at least I got that part right :)
    LOVE your costumes!!

  7. Ok, this is way cute, and I am obsessed with that horse mask! I think it would be hilarious to put an entire family in just the horse masks and then parade around town.

  8. You guys are so adorable; all of you!! What a fun family theme!!!


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