Snapshots of Life Lately and Some Silly Anectdotes

 ^^Posing with his army guy pumpkin^^
 ^^My newborn posing beanbag is good for more than just photo shoots.  It's the best place in the house to curl up and watch a movie!^^
 ^^A trip to the dentist, complete with cool dude sunglasses and some new toothbrushes.  Jed loved it!  Good news: he has a healthy mouth full of teeth.  Levi, on the other hand, stayed glued to my lap with apprehension.  Fortunately, I was wise enough not to make an appointment for him too.  But Levi did take a quick ride in the chair! 

::  With the weather turning cooler, it's time to bust out the play dough and crayons once again.  The boys often sit at the table for up to an hour each morning entertaining themselves.  They love making little men, an entire army of them!  Then they ask for my help in making "pack packs" and hats for each one.  "Walk, walk, walk!  Go to school!"  Levi sings.  Sometimes Jed's play dough guy needs a gun for hunting "terrible tigers".  It's so much fun watching their hilarious little imaginations come to life!

::  In the days after we went apple picking this Fall, I taught my two little boys the whole, "Apple Core.  Baltimore.  Who's your friend?  Me!" rhyme.  The boys were chanting it like broken records at the dinner table one night.  Naturally, I felt compelled to pull up the old Donald Duck video for them to see.  We laughed hysterically!  The boys giggled and begged to watch Donald Duck pegged with an apple over and over.  And I laughed at their laughter.  I'm so proud to be passing down my own warped sense of humor to the next generation!   

::  One evening as as I gave Jed a piggyback ride home from a neighbor's house to help keep up with two little girls on bicycles Jed blurted, "Jesus can ride his bike really fast!"  I couldn't help laughing a little.  "Yes, I think he could," I said through a smile. 

::  One night a thunderstorm blew in at bedtime.  We could all hear faint rumblings as rain pitter-pattered against the house.  "I scared," Levi shivered.  "Don't worry, Levi!" Jed reassured him.  "Jesus can stop the storm and make you feel not scared."  Oh, what a proud mommy moment!  Just a few days prior we had read the story in the New Testament about how Jesus calmed a storm just after his disciples were sure their ship would sink.  How wonderful it was to see that Jed really is soaking it all in and can even apply what he's learning to his little life!  It opened an opportunity for a little family gospel discussion right then and there.  I am convinced those few moments we spend reading scriptures at the breakfast table are the best five minutes I spend every day.

::  While showing Levi some pictures from Halloween: "We go candy picking?" Levi asked.  Like apple picking, but door to door for candy instead.  I thought it was funny.  Clever kid.  Haha.     

::  When I grabbed the fly swatter...
"No, Mom!  Don't smash my pet!"
"The fly is your pet?" I asked.
"Yeah.  Don't smash my pet!"
"Eh, you can have a new one tomorrow," I responded with a loud WHACK.
Jed took it all rather well.  He thinks he's suuuuper funny.  What a tease!

::  "He's a parrot," Bron explained to someone about how articulate Levi is.  Then a voice from our knees called, "I a parrot!"  Yes, this kid hears and repeats EVERYTHING!


  1. Be still my heart!! Your boys are the sweetest! They sound like so much fun... just like their momma! But I am dying over the discussion the night of the storm! Oh that just melts my heart! Ya'll are the sweetest family!!

  2. They are so sweet! And i just saved that Donald Duck video for my boys after school.. I can hear them giggling already.

  3. So adorable. That last quote about Levi reminds me so much Keira. Seriously. Kids don't miss anything, do they? And how in the world do you take so many good photos of your boys looking at you! Maybe I'm just not fast enough, but it seems near impossible to get a good shot of them looking straight at the camera.

    1. Renae, my secret to getting my boys to smile is to ask them to say, "Pooopy!" They think it's hilarious. Haha. Or sometimes I ask them if they can see my eye in the lens. Or just ask a question about them in general. Mostly they're just used to my camera and know that if they give me a quick smile, I'll be out of their face sooner.

  4. These are the sweetest! Kids are fun. My pet the fly..nice. And, candy picking - I like it!

  5. Oh your boys are so entertaining... I could read your stories all day long. I'm so proud of Jed; he's certainly understanding the message of Jesus and the Bible. You certainly have some proud mommy moments!


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