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Thanks for all the responses and support to my last post.  Wow!  It's so nice to know I'm not alone in my struggles to maintain a balanced life; it's pretty universal, I think.  I feel I could write a five page essay on the pros and cons of social media.  I'm a little sorry I didn't concentrate more on how amazing it is to keep in touch with family and friends who live hundreds and thousands of miles away instantly.  I'm very thankful for it.  I just felt I needed to get a few of my thoughts and frustrations out in the open.  Shanley echoed my thoughts exactly when she commented that technology is a unique challenge presented to our generation.  I kind of feel like we're pioneers, embarking into uncharted social media territory and learning from our mistakes along the way.  It's pretty cool.  So let's make these interwebs a place for friendship, community, and support, shall we?  There's so much potential here.

Anyway, moving on...

 ^^This is what happens when Levi thinks I'm not feeding him enough.  After watching the Croods, all we can say is, "Release the baby!"^^

We enjoyed a delightful slow and relaxing weekend at home.  Bron arrived home from work Friday evening with two Redbox movies in hand.  We watched the Croods as a family (Totally worth seeing!  We laughed pretty hard.) and then headed out to Idaho Pizza around 7PM for their all-you-can-eat buffet.  I love it when Bron spoils me like that.  And I'm happy we found another kid-friendly place to eat!  Jed begged to "drive the car" in the little arcade.  So after dinner I dug fifty cents from my wallet and Bron helped push the "gas".  Jed went nuts.  I have never seen him so excited and wired at the same time!  Bron and I busted up laughing in the parking lot.  Wow.  I sure love my boys.

We spent Saturday evening at our church harvest dinner.  No sooner had we arrived when Levi wet through his pants and I didn't bring an extra pair of bottoms.  Oooops!  Bad mommy moment.  So he became the pants-less blur and the life of the party (well, at least on our end of the gym).  The perks of still being a baby!

And Sunday night Bron and I laid awake in bed talking and laughing about how crazy our boys are!  Really, there is never a dull or quiet moment around here.  (Unless they are sleeping.  Hallelujah!)  And there are always toys strewn across the house, even though we picked up five minutes prior.  Jed and Levi are definitely brothers.  They're similar in many ways.  Yet, it surprises me how different they are too!  I love them both with all my heart--for many of the same reasons and for many individually unique reasons too.

It was a good weekend.


  1. What a GOOD weekend! We've been hearing good things about the Crood's! We need to watch it (Eric and I love those "kid"movies)!
    Praying for Tyke!!

  2. adorable.. there were so many occasions we took D on walks in his underwear and a t shirt.. we were potty training and pants seemed like such a chore.

    we saw Croods in the theater with him.. he loved it.

  3. Jessie- I love to occasionally happen across your blog- your pictures are precious! I was inspired to comment though about you & Bron laughing and talking in bed as you end the day- that was and is one of my favorite memories of a happy childhood. Nothing made me feel safer and more content than the sound of my parents talking and laughing when the rest of us were supposed to be asleep (sometimes I'd just ran from the bathroom reading sitting against the tub, because somehow that's where it seemed make sense as the light was already on!). I wouldn't be surprised if your boys don't say a similar thing someday. Thanks for sharing! -Karen from Miner


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