Hello November

^^Sun Valley = Idaho Eye Candy^^

Bron and I kicked off the weekend right with a date night to dinner and the temple.  Then first thing Saturday morning we loaded the kids in the car to go spend the day thrifting ski gear from the Rich in the quaint and beautiful town of Sun Valley.  The red brick buildings coupled with mountains dusted in snow is candy for the eyes.  And yes, we scored!  We are now the proud owners of a new to us pair of powder skis, warm hardly worn boots for me, two sets of poles, goggles, and a vintage sweater all for a whopping $123.  It was a lot of fun.  Everywhere I turned, folks were commenting on how darling Levi was in his little monster hat or how handsome both my boys are.  It was a pleasant change from the norm that made me feel good. 

We ate a lunch of fresh made-to-order sandwiches and corn dogs from the grocery deli before heading up further into the mountains.  Bron wanted to show me Galena, a point near the top of the mountain and the mouth of the Wood River.  The view was stunning.  And the snow hanging from the bows of every pine made me a little giddy for Christmas.  These magical weeks between Halloween and Christmas are always some of my favorite each year.

The only negative thing I have to report about the weekend is that we have all caught nasty colds.  Levi felt so puny Saturday night.  (Read: For about ten minutes there we were both soaked in vomit.)  But it's always nice to snuggle him skin to skin in a hot steamy shower.  One year old is still so little.

We hope your weekend was just as good!


  1. LOVE Sun Valley!! So glad you got some amazing things! Yay! And sounds like the perfect weekend to me... Minus the colds of course :( (Charli and I have them here too... Ugh!)

  2. Gorgeous pictures! What a beautiful place! And what a score on the ski gear! Hope you all feel better soon!

  3. Jealous! It looks like fun :) and your Halloween looked soooooo great!!! You guys have so much fun...I love it.

  4. Your pictures are always SO pretty! So I need some advice, momma. I need a snow suit for Mia because we live in the snow, plus we have a cabin vacation planned in Feb with my family and Mia will want to go play in the snow since we will all be skiing/snowboarding. But she is SO tiny! I need something that will last all winter, and something that she can walk AND crawl in. Where do I even look for this??

  5. You're right, these sights are eye candy. It sounds like you're getting ready for the winter... I can't believe you're already seeing snow. If we have a traditional New England winter here in CT, we won't see snow until late December... Hope you're all feeling better soon!

  6. What amazing pictures! You're making me homesick for Idaho. Luckily I'll be up in Rexburg for Christmas and I can get my fill in then.
    And 123? talk about a steal!


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