Snapshots of Life Lately: Overheard, A Day in the Life

^^Sometimes the boys are cold in the mornings, so they like to eat breakfast with blankets draped around their shoulders.^^
 ^^Crazy coming through!  If this face doesn't make your day, I don't know what will!^^
^^Mr. Piggy.  He is always hungry and raiding my pantry.  I finally started setting out a little bowl full of cheerios, raisins, etc. for him to snack on throughout the day.^^
^^Washing himself in the bath and drinking from the faucet.  Two very classic bath time things to do, but made extra cute by this fifteen month old.^^
^^Coloring while I make dinner.  I love Jed's look of concentration.^^
^^One of Jed's favorite toys right now is his stick horse.  It even has a place to sleep in his bed.^^

As we sat together in the quiet one evening after the boys had gone to bed, I began telling Bron about my day.  He couldn't help laughing out loud, and in turn, it made me laugh out loud too!  So let's pretend you're a spider on our wall (because all the flies are dead this time of year.  Hurrah!) listening to bits and pieces of our conversation about a silly day in the life inside the Nelson home.
"Levi doesn't seem to empty the pantry like Jed used to," Bron observed.
"Ohh, no.  He's worse!  Levi empties entire boxes of cereal all over the floor. So if you wind up with hair or rocks in your cereal..."

"Levi was upset with me so he tried biting my leg."

I explained, "Levi is no longer afraid of the vacuum cleaner.  Instead, he wants to turn it on with his foot all by himself.  And then Jed takes the attachments and uses them as swords.  So the boys sword fight while I vacuum.  It's a good deal until I have to tell Jed, 'You need to hit your brother softly!'  I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth...... Then they both wanted to help me put the vacuum cleaner away.  Jed put the attachments back and Levi screamed.  So I let Levi have a turn and then Jed screamed.  I finally put the vacuum cleaner away with Levi screaming about it.  He was screaming about the vacuum cleaner!"  We had a hardy laugh over that.

"Levi flings things from any drawer under three feet!  Seriously, across the room.  And he dragged the lamp into the bathroom.  If I want to take a shower or get ready while he's awake, I have to plan on cleaning up too," I complained.  "Oh, and my hairbrush went for a swim in the toilet last week."

"Na, na, na, na!  Come and get me!" I imitated Jed.
"Jed is so stinkin' fast running around the couch!" Bron admired.
"I've figured it out.  You have to take tiny fast steps.  That's the only way to keep up."


So that's my life in a nutshell.  Someone put a tent over this circus!  I'm learning to embrace the craziness.  I love my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Life with boys is so hilarious! The things they get upset about are so weird and funny. I get frustrated during the day but then when I tell my husband about them in the evenings, I crack up. I should remember that during the frustrated moments!

  2. what a little cutie! Those pictures made my day!

  3. I am in love with the second picture! Adorable! Kids are so darn funny. Jarrod and I are constantly laughing at the stuff our two say.

  4. Oh they are so sweet! And getting big!! Boy you have a nice house btw!!

  5. Jed and Levi make my day!

  6. How did you ever time that picture of Levi running at you. It is a great shot.

  7. Hilarious! I love the last quote about taking tiny steps to keep up with Jed. The image in my mind just cracked me up.

  8. Hey - found you through the Mom Lovin hop! Gorgeous photos! Sounds like you have your hands full...never a dull moment! My daughter is 10 months...I love this age, but I'm also excited for when she's a bit older and can run around and talk and do silly stuff...I can't wait for all the cute things she's going to say and do! Great to meet you and I look forward to reading more about your daily adventures! :)

  9. You are the CUTEST mom!! Seriously.
    And this makes me way excited for Mia to start talking :)

  10. How have I gone this long without knowing about your blog? So adorable. Love your cute little family already.

  11. Your two little cuties are adorable! Drinking bath / tap water, classic haha :)

  12. Drinking water from the bathtub faucet, sword fights with vacuum cleaner attachments...yes, you have a house of two fun boys!! Lewie wants me to chase him with the vacuum cleaner again and again. He's always leaping from one couch to the next so that the vacuum doesn't get him. Yes, I never thought my life would turn out quite like this, but I wouldn't change it EVER.


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