Halloween 2013

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and now that I have little kids, that fun has multiplied ten fold! 
Jed totally anticipated Halloween this year.  His excitement was contagious... or wait, was that my excitement rubbing off on him?  Either way, we were counting down the days together.  I was surprised how fast Levi caught on though.  Last night when I brought out the plastic pumpkin bucket, Levi began chanting, "Canny!  Canny!  Canny!"  (I think he made the connection between the blue plastic bucket I keep in the pantry full of *cough* Easter candy and the orange pumpkin.)
Anyhow, to protect my little spooks from the cold, I layered the boys in their pajamas, then a second layer, and finally their outer jackets.  They looked ten pounds chubbier than they really are!  Come to find out, it wasn't that cold outside.  Oh well.  That's just how their overprotective mama shows her love.
We started our festivities by visiting our neighbors.  Then we moved the party to the church parking lot for their annual Trunk-or-Treat and Halloween Carnival.  It was a success for both boys.  Jed fisted two lollipops at once all evening long while Levi happily stickied himself from mouth to toe.  They were wild untamed creatures by the time we arrived home, but that's exactly as it should be, I think.  This holiday is for them.  The opportunity to be whatever they want to be plus free candy?  I want to be a kid again too.

 ^^I loved that our little parrot could walk this year!  Sooo much fun!^
^^I dressed as the iconic American Rosie the Riveter, but in heels, of course.  I sure love my two little spooks!^^
^^Bron enjoys watching our boys light up with excitement too.^^
 ^^Jed approached each car without reservation this year.  He mastered the two phrases that got him candy: "Trick-or-Tree" and "Fank you!"
 ^^That's my boy!  Two at a time!^^
^^The whole neighborhood.  These kids are going to grow up together.^^
In case you're wondering, those are Cinderella's three little mice: Jaq, Suzy, and Gus Gus.  Hilariously clever!
Happy Halloween!
We hope you had a fun and safe night too.
I think we just kicked off the Holiday season on the right foot.  Bring it on!


  1. How adorable! I love all of your costumes. The two succors at one time is hilarious.

  2. Happy Halloween! Looks like a perfect and fun evening!!

  3. They are SO CUTE! It was surprisingly nice here for Halloween as well! Super surprising considering we woke up to snow just Tuesday!
    I think next year will be SO fun when Mia can run around asking for candy :)

  4. They're so chubby and cute! Trunk-or-Treat is such an awesome idea- I wish our church did that! Looks like a really fun night!

  5. Your boys are absolutely adorable, they picked out the perfect costumes!!! Love what you did to the back of your car btw, with the Halloween lights!

  6. Halloween is fun, isn't it? Love the costumes!

  7. Love your pirate and parrot! They are so cute! And better to be safe than sorry when it comes to keeping little ones warm. And oh my gosh - Gus Gus made me laugh out loud!

  8. What adorable costumes. It sounds like you had the perfect Halloween! (I'm always getting in trouble for putting Little Lewie into too many layers. You're right--that is just the mom in us. That's how we show our love!) I'm glad this year's Halloween was special for everyone!

  9. Ah, your pirate and parrot were SO cute! My boys were the same thing (further proof that we should be neighbors). And please, give your friend who dressed Gus-Gus a high five from me- I love it!

  10. I went as Rosie the Riveter also!!! Looks like you guys had a great time!


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