The Great Hambino

Levi is a ham.  He is also a night owl.
That, combined with Jed already asleep in his bed and Bron gone overnight again, found us in front of the bathroom mirror last night making faces.
(Yes, this is the type of mother I am.  A little bit crazy, a little bit juvenile, but oh so much fun, right?  Right.)
Levi loves to be smiled at!  He's a bit egocentric and especially loves his own smile.  He grins and coos and squeals.
It is sooo stinkin' cute!  I can't get enough.  
Then apparently Levi was hungry because he tried to eat my face.
These moments are what make life so very good.  

~Happy Friday!!!~


  1. So cute!
    Love your blog!
    New follower!
    Follow me back??

  2. So cute and fun all wrapped in an adorable package named Levi!

  3. Those pictures are adorable. Levi is such a cute baby!

  4. Those pictures are even more adorable. His personality is showing and he is just too cute when he is smiling. By the way Jess---you look so young in these photos. you look like you are barely 18 years old!

  5. So cute!! Love these mother & son photos ♥


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