A Traditional Thanksgiving: Nelson Style

Some things are worth doing every single year.  That is why we call them "traditions".  The Nelson boys (Bron and his five brothers) seem very keen on this idea.  "But it's tradition!" they cry.  I think their world would stop spinning if some of those traditions, like eating apple pie, didn't occur every year.  And other times?  Well, they're just using "tradition" to get a little something extra in their favor.  (Ahem.  Fong's again?  We did that once... last yearBut I suppose if it was fun, we might as well add it to the yearly list, right?  Sure!

Anyhow, what I'm trying to say is that the Thanksgiving traditions we have going on at the Nelsons are worth doing a thousand years over.  I look forward to this weekend every year!

There are 11 grandchildren now, 7 are still in diapers.  To say it was nuts is an understatement.  I just wonder how it will be in a few years!  So much fun.
Look at that perfect crust!  It only took me 5.5 years to do it.  I was thinking of my good friend Anna and our apples pies the entire time I was rolling it out.
 Momma Nelsons' favorite sight: Watching her boys enjoy being together.

Tradition #1:  Scrumptious food and pie.  Dinner is followed by conversation and games that last nearly all night long.  Our favorite late night games might or might not include watching each other make fools of ourselves in charades-like efforts.  

Tradition #2:  We ladies are up before the crack of dawn to take on the crowds for Black Friday shopping.  The lack of sleep was sooo worth it!  And trust me on that lack of sleep.  I got less than four hours of it; something about being away from home overnight with two little ones.  It was one rough night.  But I got 90% of all my shopping done!  We are going to have one fabulous Christmas.  I can't help spoiling my boys!  Jed is going to flip out.

Tradition #3:  The entire family goes bowling on Friday afternoon!  It's loud and noisy and fun.  And Jed practiced making half my points for me.  He's a stud.

We are so blessed to have family.  

P.S.  This weekend marks the beginning of a month of parties and traveling and family.  Stay tuned!

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