To Grandmother's House We Went

The boys and I hitched a ride to Utah with Bron to visit my grandparents, also known as Jed and Levi's GREAT-Grandparents.  Travel is getting hard on them and it was high-time they meet their seventh great-grandson for the first time, so we brought Levi to them.

I love my grandparents.  They are neat people.  They are rich in personal history.  And Grandma isn't afraid to announce her mistakes and tell all that she's learned!  My grandparents are genuine.  They're giving.  They are many things I hope to be.  I feel lucky to know them so well.

We lived with my grandparents for a few years when I was a kid.  Visiting their house is visiting my childhood home.  I'm always surprised at how small everything seems.  My memory still makes the house and yard so much bigger than it really is!  I also remember my grandparents as young and spry and energetic.  They each turned 60 while I lived with them.  (That's nearly 20 years ago now!)  They were my second set of parents while my mother returned to school full time.

It's a little hard for me to see them now; they're getting old.  Grandma and Grandpa each took afternoon naps while we visited.  Grandma doesn't cook like she did and her energy level just isn't what it used to be.  Grandpa is much worse.  He is beginning the long and difficult road of Alzheimer's.  He's also pretty much deaf.  Thankfully, he is still sweet and calm when he becomes confused.  We try to talk, but he can't remember words to finish his sentences.  However, he LOVES my boys.  He and Jed share a love for reading.  Grandpa also couldn't get enough smiles from Levi.  He watched Levi play on the floor.  He held Levi in his lap and kept commenting on his eyes and cheeks and how big he is.    

I can't help reflecting on the circle of life: on generations, on family, on what we leave behind when we die.  My grandparents lived through the Great Depression and through World War II, and they've seen all the changes in our modern age.  They have six children and a story all their own.  And now they are entering that last stage of their lives when they are preparing to leave.  I hate the thought that most of us will have to get sick to leave this Earth.  I don't like the thought of watching my grandparents become sick.

Even so, it felt good to see them!  We went out to dinner with my Aunt Mari and two of my cousins.  Jed played with classic 50 year old toys.  I also got to see and catch up with two childhood friends: Catherine and Sian and meet their families.  There's a lot of love in this imperfect extended family of mine.  I love my family and I'm glad I get to share that love with my two little boys.  

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  1. Grandparents are incredible special! I'm sure they enjoyed spending time with you and your boys.


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