Of all the chores there are to do, laundry is my absolute least favorite.  It is just so time consuming to fold all those pieces of clothing!  So laundry pretty much goes like this:

Monday: Separate and Wash
Tuesday: Let the dread of folding all those loads build.  I have better things to do!  
Wednesday: Give in and fold a few batches.  Let them sit all nicely folded on the couch or in the basket...overnight.
Sometimes, however, by some miraculous miracle, I fold and put it away in the same day.  Wow.  Other times...
Thursday: Put it away?  What?!?  I need to wash another load anyway.
Friday: This is embarrassing. Put it away.

So it's official: I am a laundry procrastinator.  Do they have AA meetings for this?  Because I obviously need help.  Maybe I should come up with a different system.  But this works for me.  For now.  I have a feeling I'm not the only one out there!


  1. At least you get it put away within the same week! Sometimes I don't even get around to folding and putting it away until it's almost time to wash again! I really dislike doing laundry too- and I know once this baby comes there's going to be more to do!

  2. I hate laundry too. When I have kids I will probably hire someone to do it! How embarrassing though.. sometimes laundry ain't pretty!lol

  3. Um... At least you actually put it away! I swear, most the time we just pull it out of the basket to wear it. The only time it ACTUALLY gets put away is if there are people coming over. Ha! So pathetic. Oh well, it's the truth.

  4. I spend all day washing it (while doing other things of course) and I heap it all on my sectional and after the kids are in bed I watch a movie while folding it, then it sits there folded for a day or two or until the kids decide to go "swimming" in it and then it starts all over! My excuse it I can't put it away when I'm done because it might wake them up! LOL! I think we all hate laundry.

  5. My trick is I hang just about everything up,undies go in a bin so they don't have to be folded, pants go on hangers too so all I have to do is mate socks, and I separate everything else out into piles depending on which room they are headed to and it takes 10 minutes to hang everything! It is such a time saver!

  6. I do one load of laundry every day or I get too overwhelmed. I hate folding clothes too!

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  9. I cant fit into our laundry room. Tim washes/dries the loads. I fold. He carries ours upstAirs and I put away.


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