Election Day

It is sunny and 70* outside today.
A beautiful day for playing at the park and taking some time to vote.

Living in Idaho, it sometimes feels like my vote doesn't mean much.  After all, most of us are rooting for the same guy for president: Go Mitt!  But then I realized my vote does matter!  My vote counts and is especially important for local leaders and issues.  Levi cheered me on from the sidelines--or more accurately, from his view in his carseat on the floor. He knows the future of his education is in my hands.  I'm excited to see what happens next.

I'm feeling very deflated this morning; I'm disappointed with how the election turned out.  But I am grateful to live in a country with so many freedoms.  I'm grateful for my right to vote, to say and write what I want, and to believe what I want.  I have the right to make the best life for myself and my family through my own efforts.  That right there is amazing.  No, America isn't perfect.  There's a lot I'd like to see changed.  Nevertheless, I am still very blessed to live here.  My fellow Americans, let's come together to keep America great.


  1. I love that you said, "My fellow Americans, let's come together to keep America great." .. I think so much ugliness comes out during elections and while I also am disapointed with the turnout, the most important thing to remember is that we live in a great country and are blessed to have freedoms and ultimately we all need to unite and remember this!

  2. Ahh he is such a doll! I love him!!!! and so well said! Love this.


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