Home Sweet Home: 1 Year Later

A year ago this month we moved into our house.  Before moving here, I had always thought of the Twin Falls area as a rest stop: just a gas station and some food on a long trip between Idaho Falls and Boise.  Wow, was I wrong!  I am more than happy to say that this house has become our home.  I am so glad we chose this house in this area to plant some roots.  I can't say enough good things about it!

A peek into what we do everyday here at home.  I feel like I do this all day long: nurse and read books.  Usually I'm doing those two things simultaneously!  It's a good life though.

::  Our home has a simple layout, but I love it.  One level is great for keeping track of kiddos.  Plus, it has a lot of custom features that I like.  It's a really nice home.  I'm spoiled to stay at home and raise my family here.

::  We just had a heat pump installed.  A $400+ propane bill/month is sooo overrated.  Our home now sits at a comfortable 71* all day and all night.  That lovely heat pump brings me peace of mind; I know my babies are warm enough, especially while they sleep at night.  

::  The area itself is beautiful.  We have sunshine and wide open spaces.  We also have the South Hills chuck full of outdoor recreational things to do year round.

::  The winters are mild.  I can't stand ice and snow that lingers for weeks.  It makes me depressed.  Here, the snow and ice doesn't stick around for too long.  I love that.

::  We live in the best neighborhood ever!  We are surrounded by genuinely good people.  It is safe and clean and friendly. 

::  Both Bron and I have made friends in the neighborhood.  Bron goes bike riding with his buddies and I get together with some other moms on a regular basis.  We exercise together and get our kids together to play... almost daily.  Three of us even took a trip to Costco with our combined seven children.  We fed the kids free samples and actually had fun shopping.  Then we grabbed some hot 'n ready pizzas and let the kids run a muck at the park.  I can't express how nice it is to have friends!  These ladies help me and I help them.  It's also nice to see someone else with her hair in a ponytail and makeup-less too.  We're keeping it real over here. 

::  I could brag more about the parks and schools and our ward at church, but just know that I am in no hurry to move.  Like, ever.  I love our little corner of Idaho. 

 View of a sunset from our backyard taken with Bron's iphone.


  1. You're making me miss Idaho more then I already do! Happy 1 year in your home.

  2. Yep! Idaho is beautiful...that sunset is what I miss, oh and everything else you said!

  3. The picture of you with your kiddos it too cute! Love those jammies : )

  4. Your home sounds like what most of us dream of!! So happy it's been so great for your sweet family!


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