Our New Life in Idaho

We have been making our home in Twin Falls, Idaho for nearly a month now. So far… so good. Twin is a little city equipped with absolutely everything a family might need. There’s a college, a brand new hospital, lots of shopping, and a ton of parks. What makes Twin Falls unique is the gorge. The Snake River runs through a deep canyon just north of the city and a bridge hundreds of feet above the canyon floor is the city’s major entrance from the freeway. It’s a breathtaking sight. The canyon boasts some parks and golf courses and the famous Shoshone Falls. There are many trails along the rim and inside the canyon. Jed and I have been exploring our new stomping grounds. I don’t think we’ll get too bored any time soon. Also, the weather in Idaho is downright awesome! It’s been its typical self: hot and dry. That’s right. No rain. Just how I like it, especially after experiencing rain showers on an eighteen hour rotation in northern New York. We’ve been soaking up these last weeks of sunshine and summer like sponges.

Bron is really enjoying his new job at J.D. Heiskell. Bron smiles when anyone mentions his new job title: Dairy Consultant. Bron truly landed his dream job. We feel so blessed and so lucky! Bron works with a bunch of men that have many similar interests. They make it easy for Bron to feel comfortable in his new work environment. Bron’s job also comes with some very nice perks, like a “new” truck. Bron now drives a white 2010 Dodge pickup. It’s a very nice ride and doesn’t belong in the driveway of our apartment complex. But I like the sight of my honey driving a truck. It’s manly and kind of sexy! The truck comes with all the upgrades including satellite radio and leather seats with both heat and air conditioning. Yes, you read that right: air conditioned seats! No more sweaty backs and rear ends. The seats have fans. Wow. On top of all that, Bron has an iphone4 that he is connected to and a new laptop. The gas Bron uses in the pickup is reimbursed through the company along with his meals, hotel stays, and any other expenses (like golf!) done on the job. I’m a little jealous. Bron eats out every afternoon while Jed and I pick through the fridge for leftovers! (Oh well. I still think my end of the deal as stay-at-home mom rocks!)

So what does Bron actually do? Well, first, Bron is learning how to properly balance rations. That is, Bron creates and checks different diets for calves, fresh cows, dry cows, etc. using whatever ingredients are available on the market while also trying to get the farmer the best price. Properly fed cows are healthy cows. Healthy cows yield more milk. Next, Bron visits with various dairy farmers. Bron helps the farmers troubleshoot problems on their farms and sells feed. Some farmers have contracts with J.D. Heiskell and others do not. Right now, Bron is being trained to work with farmers in Utah, central and eastern Idaho, and Montana. Bron can be gone one night a week, two nights a week, or sometimes none at all. One night away is all right for me. Two nights makes me feel a little lonely.  However, the good news is Bron is home ALL WEEKEND LONG! Sadly, we're still adjusting to all this free time together. We look at each other and aren't quite sure what to do! But it’s a wonderful change I think we will all adjust to pretty quickly. 

I am officially a full-time homemaker and mother. It blows my mind. We are living the typical American dream life (minus the cute house in the suburb, but something like that will come later). Bron leaves for work before 8:00AM. I finally roll out of bed a few minutes later and get some breakfast for myself and the little man. Then Jed and I spend the rest of the day together. We go for a jog, play at the park, do some chores, eat, take a nap, eat again, run errands, and more. Dinner is around 6:00PM when Bron comes home. And before I become complacent, I have to mention my dishwasher! It does all the clean-up work. Instead of standing at the sink for 45 minutes every night, I run through the kitchen like a whirlwind and have it clean in 15 minutes. The stress level in this house is at a minimum—mostly because Bron is done with school and we are no longer living like students. I can’t explain how nice it is!

On Tuesday nights I play my violin in the local symphony at the college. It’s half community members and half college students. There’s some talent and it’s fun to play again!

We’re getting involved in the ward (Yes, an Actual. Functional. Ward!) at church.  I've been asked to teach the Sunday School lesson to the 15-16 year olds.  Bron is my assistant; he's there to lay down the law.  I've already determined not to take anything those teenagers do or say personally because I remember what a brat I was at that age and I knew it too!  Bron also teaches the lesson in Elders' Quorum twice a month.  And Jed is getting his first taste of nursery here and there.

We have also been house shopping already. It’s exciting and so much fun! I can’t believe the homes that we are able to afford. I keep dreaming of the day we will move into one!

I’d say we’ve hit the ground running, but still, it’s a slow process to make friends again and feel truly at home. I often feel a little lonely and find myself missing our little corner of New York and the friends I had there. I don't feel needed here yet by anyone (except for the little boy who clings to my knees in the mornings and begs for his sippy of milk and a story) and I find myself resenting being in an LDS saturated community.  I miss the green and the trees of New York. I like the openness here in Idaho. I like being able to see the hills and mountains in the distance, but I don’t like being able to see all of my neighbor’s homes and all of their cars. The trees hid everything like that in New York; they made me feel secluded. I miss Miner Farm and being able to take Jed out to see the cows and horses. I actually miss my job feeding calves a little bit! I miss my runs and bike rides and the lake. And I really desperately miss a few special people! I know we’ll always keep in touch, but it’s just not the same. I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with them for a while.

But anyway, here’s to a bright future! I think we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be. Too many things aligned just right to make us think otherwise.  In time, I think everything will be more than okay.


  1. i forget to click on your blog sometimes because it's private so it doesn't show up in my feed as updated... but i'm glad to hear everything is going well in twin falls! i love those times when for just a moment, everything seems happy and perfect. good luck with the house hunting!

  2. Glad you guys are happy there, and that Bron landed his dream job! I don't think I've ever been to Twin Falls, sounds pretty though. I'm sure you'll make friends fast. People will be drawn to your awesome personality!

  3. wow! you made it back! I'm soooo happy for you! It is beautiful in Idaho and I drove through it a few months ago and thought of you! I'm so glad Bron has his dream job and you are house shopping and playing violin and loving your ward. love you!


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