Happy Labor Day Weekend

We had a wonderful three day weekend packed full to the brim with fun, family, and food! 

Our little family of three kicked off the weekend here in Twin Falls at the local fair.  I love the fair!  The fair is the last celebration of summer.  I look forward to it every year!  We devoured fatty fair food, strolled through the exhibits, and spent lots of time looking at all the 4H prize animals.  That was Jed's favorite part--that and the giant tractors!  His mouth hung open in awe.

At the county fair!

Jed inside a giant tractor tire!

On Saturday afternoon, my mom and family drove the two hours from Meridian, ID to see us.  We went to Dierke's Lake for a hamburger cookout.  We all ate too much delicious picnic food like brownies, and potato salad, fresh fruit, and a zucchini dip that tasted just like an artichoke dip.  The boys are great babysitter/playmates for Jed.  They allow me to sit back and chat... and pick at yummy leftovers.  We played at the park and at the beach and Bron went swimming with Michael.  It was a relaxing afternoon outside.  Before leaving, however, we had to catch a peek at Shoshone Falls.  During certain times of the year it rivals Niagara.  It's really something to see!  And it's right here in our backyard now. 

Top: How we clean a baby's hands for dinner--dip him in the lake!
Middle: Bron and Michael swimming.  Mom and Greg sitting at the picnic table.
Bottom: Ryan snarfing a gigantic hamburger.  Jed's cute sandy bum.

Shoshone Falls

On Sunday half the congregation was absent from church.  The realization that it was a holiday weekend was all the motivation Bron needed for a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Nelson Dairy in Ririe, ID.  It's still a novelty to be so close to family again.  So I quickly packed an overnight bag and we hit the open road.  (After we saw a few homes that are for sale.  We've been doing a lot of that too lately!  It's fun and exciting!) 

I think Monday was one of the best days of Jed's little life.  Jed and I began our day with a short trip up the road to Rexburg to visit my good friend, Katy.  We met at Porter Park to let the boys play while we got caught up on just about EVERYTHING.  It was sooo good to see her!  I also got to meet baby Gemma for the first time.  What a precious little girl!  I hadn't planned on letting Jed play at the splash park because it was still a little cool outside, but he was attracted to that water like a magnet is to metal.  So we stripped our boys down and let 'em run! 

After saying goodbye to Katy, I wasn't quite ready to head back yet.  I browsed through one of my favorite stores and then bought Jed and me a chocolate irish cream cupcake and cinnamon-chocolate frappe.  What a lunch!

Jake 3 years
Jed 16 months

Back at the dairy on Monday afternoon, we women and the babies went out to see how the boys were doing working in the dust and the heat.  They were getting ready to pour cement.  The scene was Jed's ideal playground: dirt, rocks, and tractors!!!  He stayed out there for hours with Bron.  Jed couldn't have been happier!  We ended the day with hamburgers on the grill and a meal outside together.  Then Jed had to take a bath! 

I love family.  And I love that farm.

Top: Talon and Bron, Jed and dirt
Middle: Amber takes her turn at the wheel, Call developing some "character" and muscle
Bottom: View from the front porch, Cousins Leah and Jed

Jed's happiness was uncontainable as he waved from the tractor!

What a weekend!  And a great one too.


  1. Looks like an adventure-filled weekend. Glad you all had so much fun! We haven't been to Dierkes yet...one day, though.

  2. How fun! I love taking my kids out to the barn (when I'm at my dads house) to be surrounded by all the farm stuff.. Jed looks like he was in heaven the whole weekend!

  3. What an awesome tractor-filled weekend! So glad you guys got to spend so much quality time with your families too!
    P.S. I really love that Sunday morning picture of Jed. Perfection!


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