City of Rocks

For our family, the weekends aren’t meant for sitting still. The weekends are meant for fun! Last Saturday we decided to explore The City of Rocks—a national reserve. It was a two hour drive to get there through some of the prettiest (also known as “Podunk”) countryside. The City of Rocks is a geological anomaly. Slabs of granite jut out of the ground hundreds of feet high! It was a unique landmark for California bound wagon trains in the 1840’s. Now, it’s a Mecca for rock climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts, like us.

Bron and I have always enjoyed hiking together, and we’re determined to pass that love along to our son. We strapped Jed into the backpack and started hiking the trails. It felt wonderful to be outside! It was peaceful and quiet and uniquely pretty. The day just felt refreshing.

Views from our hike. 
Jed took a short snooze in the backpack.

The sign reads: "Pets must be leashed at all times."

A little boy's paradise: A CITY of ROCKS!

The weekend prior was spent with family at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. We watched some horse races! My favorite races were the Indian Relays. Even Jed got into the fun. He was a little confused, but he watched the horses make their laps and clapped with everyone else. Then Amber and I spent ten dollars in five minutes flat. We rode two fair rides that took us upside down, made us dizzy, and pumped up our adrenaline. Thanks, Amber! Afterwards, we all watched a hypnotist show and perused through the agricultural showcases before ending the evening at Rupe’s Diner for dinner. That was a fun day!

As for the everyday stuff? Well, Bron has been getting into the swing of things at work. He’s been busy! But I can tell he is enjoying it. I went a little crazy with Bron’s first paycheck. Wow. It’s AWESOME to finally have some money in the bank! However, I learned something valuable: It doesn’t matter how much money one has; there will always be something one wants. And if one is not careful, then it doesn’t matter how much money there is because it’s spent and gone! I think Bron expected I’d go a little crazy. He’s not chastising me too much. Haha Now, I’m reigning myself in and getting excited for DIY projects and couponing.

Because it’s still so nice outside, my main modes of transportation for Jed and I are the stroller and the bike. Both have flat tires now. I was more than three miles from home when the front tire on my bike went as flat as a pancake. So I walked. It was a miserable trek. By the time we reached the apartment, I acquired a blister and a screaming baby. Not cool.

So why do I suddenly have so many flat tires on the things I’ve been using all summer? Bron simply said, “Maybe someone was watching out for us in New York. We can afford to fix a flat tire now.” I wonder how close to the truth that is?


  1. Wow.. those rocks look so cool! Where exactly are they? Next time I'm up in Idaho I want to go!
    I know how you feel about the paycheck too.. its nice when you move out of the student life. Sadly as you said.. there are always things one wants and needs to save up for. Example.. house!

  2. I've always wondered what the City of Rocks was. Now I know. :) And I'm sending you a NEW bag, tomorrow. And this time I'm getting a tracking number. I'll e-mail you that after I mail it off.

  3. Jed looks like he's getting so big!!! I'm glad you guys are enjoying your new life in Idaho! Miss you!

  4. oh how beautiful, miss you guys! :/


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