A Week in Paradise: Day 3

Wednesday August 10, 2011:

Wednesday morning we arose early to catch a bus to Pearl Harbor. I remember sailing the harbor often as a kid with my dad and family. We had many adventures (and un-adventures too) out there. Oh, the memories that place brought back! We sailed over the sunken ships in the harbor and my dad always made sure to tell us about that fateful day when Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. My brother and I didn’t get it; we were more engrossed in the fact that there were dead bodies underneath there! Now, however, I have a different understanding and a somber respect for what happened.

Upon arrival at Pearl Harbor, Bron and I toured the museum there and relearned, in detail, the events that led up to the attack. Bron loves history. He was soaking it up like a sponge! Then, at our specified time, we got in line to watch a movie with real footage of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Finally, it was time to take the ferry out to the USS Arizona Memorial. It was too bad there were so many irreverent foreign tourists. I didn’t feel that the memorial was receiving proper respect; this was the grave of thousands of men who died for our country! It’s sobering to make that connection. Memorials like that should remain in place forever to help future generations realize the sacrifices other men and women have made for the blessings they enjoy today in this great country.

The sights of Pearl Harbor.  Us on our ferry ride.  (Bron is tired of pictures.)

I remember sailing here often! 
(Except there was no ugly bridge breaking up the landscape.)

These pictures are for you, Dad!

Aboard the USS Arizona Memorial

After touring Pearl Harbor, Bron and I had the entire afternoon open and free to do whatever our hearts delighted! First, we ate lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. A cheeseburger and onion rings never tasted so good!

Eating a Cheeseburger in Paradise

Then we rented a pair of surf boards at the beach and decided to teach ourselves how to surf! Bron got up a good number of times. It made me so happy for him! As for me, however, my arms are apparently weak; I couldn’t get enough speed to catch a wave. So Bron, being the thoughtful husband that he is, gave me a little shove and I popped right up! Again and again! I was elated!

That evening we went shopping in Waikiki for souvenirs. Bron made sure I came home with some quality jewelry that I will use for the rest of my life; it’s a tradition he’s carrying on from our honeymoon. I picked out a beautiful pair of koa (a special kind of wood) earrings and a bracelet. I love them! We also found a Christmas ornament (another tradition we started on our honeymoon) among a few other items that we brought home with us.

Once we tired of shopping, we were hungry! We chose to eat at the Cheesecake Factory for fun. I’ve never eaten there before. It was the most delicious meal! And I just ordered an appetizer that the waitress suggested so that I would have room in my tummy for cheesecake. I don’t care if I gained an extra two pounds from that evening out. That cheesecake was to die for!

Wednesday was a busy, relaxing, and fulfilling (literally) day!

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  1. I am in love with all of your pictures! I hope that I get a chance someday to go to Hawaii and see all these beautiful places and eat all that yummy food! And how wonderful that you got to spend that one on one time with the hubby.. It looks like you guys had a fun time (so far!)


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