How to Ride the Tube Slide

... when you're just one year old.

Step 1:  Climb the super steep tall steps.

Step 2:   Upon reaching the precipice, carefully lift your right leg and put it in the big hole. (This may take several tries.) Then carefully slide your left leg in. Now you should be resting comfortably on your belly.

Step 3: Let go! Don’t forget to scream in wordless delight!

Step 4:  Place your feet on the ground and grin with proud satisfaction.

Step 5:  Do it again!

About Jed at 16 months:
(I feel like I need to update about the things he does every so often. These cute stages don’t last very long.)

• Jed is training for the Gallon Challenge! He guzzles nearly half a gallon of milk a day. And he guzzles so much at one sitting, he curdles! It comes back up out of his mouth and nose like cottage cheese. It doesn’t seem to bother him at all though.

• When Jed gets excited and laughs, he snorts! It is the cutest thing! However, I’m afraid that he will get beat up for that sort of thing in school.

• When I ask Jed, “Where are your shoes?” he goes to find them. Jed brings me one shoe at a time. Sometimes they don’t even match. It’s darling.

• Jed waves at almost anyone and anything these days.  He waves as we leave the house and he waves at the neighbor's dog.  It's adorable.  The problem is that I'm usually the only other person that sees it; Jed's timing is totally off.  He misses his opportunity and waves way after the fact!

• Jed talks all day long, from the minute his feet hit the ground in the morning until he finally nods off to sleep. He jabbers with all the inflections of the English language, but it isn’t English. Sometimes we both become frustrated because Jed knows exactly what he wants and I can’t understand. It’s good to know that this stage won’t last forever. I love hearing him jabber though.

• Jed likes to read books. He sits there and lets me hold him. I’m a lucky mom. He’s a cuddly kid, sometimes. I love it when he lays his head on my shoulder.

• Jed LOVES being outside. He loves sitting in his stroller with one foot hanging over the edge. It looks so comfortable. He also loves going on bike rides and he loves playing at the park.

• Whenever I get on the floor to do some sit-ups or push-ups, it’s an open invitation to wrestle! I don’t get much muscle toning done. Oh well. Wrestling is much more fun.

• One of Jed's favorite things to do around the house is flip head first off the couch.  It's best seen in person, but these pictures explain his stunt pretty well!

That’s my boy! You make me smile every day!  I love you so much, Jed!

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