A Week in Paradise: Day 1

HAWAII. IS. PARADISE. We had a trip of a lifetime! If only we could’ve stayed longer—if not forever. The weather was warm and always accompanied by a breeze. There were gorgeous big flowers in bloom everywhere. And the water at the beach felt warm but refreshing. The colors were what sent me into shock though; I was surrounded by intense shades of blues and greens from the sky to the sea. It’s the kind of landscape dreams are made of. Yes, this trip was a dream!

First, let me say that it was very difficult for me to leave my baby boy with his Grandma Nelson. I knew he was in good hands and that he’d have fun playing on the farm, but I don’t think I’ve ever spent a night away from Jed. I cried when I left him and I cried when I held him when we got back. There were moments on our vacation when I wished Jed was there with us, thinking of what he would probably enjoy, like his hair blowing in the wind. But there were moments on our vacation when I was really glad he wasn’t there because he would’ve been tired, bored, and fussy.

Grandma Nelson and Jed

I am grateful it was a week with just my handsome man and me. We celebrated Bron finishing his master’s degree! We had no responsibilities. We left our problems on the mainland. Our world was just the two of us in a place near to paradise.

So without further ado, our vacation: which I will split into five days so as not to overwhelm you or my computer. Tune in everyday this week to relive our adventures with us. Plus, the anticipation is more fun this way, don’t you think? (And yes, I had to buy a second overpriced SD card for all these pictures!)

Monday August 8, 2011:

We arrived in Honolulu Sunday evening. We were tired but too excited to sleep. After checking into our hotel room, we wandered the streets and shops of Waikiki and got a bite to eat.

The next morning, we were up with the sun. We were ready to take on the world at 6:00AM! Instead, we waited around for the tourist breakfast we had signed up for. Lame. (I don’t recommend it. I suggest just talking with a tour agent at your hotel and booking all of your sight-seeing adventures that way.) Anyhow, after breakfast and signing up for some tours, Bron and I hopped on the city bus called “the bus” (brilliant name!) to hike Diamond Head.

Note: I lived in Hawaii for three years as a little kid. My dad was stationed at Hickam Air Force Base and that’s where I attended kindergarten through the second grade. Some of my favorite family memories are in Hawaii. On this trip back to Hawaii as an adult, I was curious about what I would remember. I actually remembered quite a bit, like where the giant pink hospital on the hill was and which exit to take to get to my violin lessons at Punahou school, plus much more. In some ways it was like returning “home”. In others, it was an entirely new experience.

Anyhow, our hike up Diamond Head was easy and fun! I remembered the lengthy staircase and tunnels. So cool.

99 steps up and down.  Whew!  There were a few more stair cases too.

The view from the top of the volcano was breathtaking! We could see two sides of the island surrounded by blue-green crystal clear water.

View of Waikiki from the top of Diamond Head

Later in the afternoon we swam at the crystal clear beach just across from our hotel. It felt great!

That night, we rode a bus to the coast on the west side of Oahu for a dramatic luau dinner. I must mention that these native Hawaiians who entertained us sure knew how to make us feel welcome. They were a lot of fun and made sure to address all of us tourists as “cousins”. At the luau, Bron and I got our picture taken on the beach at sunset, sipped on virgin drinks, and watched our entertainers take a roasted pig from its pit under the ground. Roasted pig like that is delicious! Bron and I stuffed ourselves full of traditional Hawaiian foods that night. Then we sat back, relaxed, and watched some hula dancing! They did all kinds of dances and dressed in all sorts of outfits. I wish I could shake my hips like that! I need to learn! Last, but certainly not least, we had the pleasure of watching fire knife performers! I was afraid the stick of fire would come flying into the audience! But it never did. It was an awesome night!

Lovers in Hawaii

The luau and the roasted pig.  Yum!

Incredible hula dancing entertainment

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