Jed Claps for Himself

While Bron is studying for finals, Jed is studying his pincer grip. We all cheer when he actually gets something into his mouth because more often than not, it gets lost along the way. Boy, I love this kid! 


  1. He is growing up so fast! And I loved hearing your voice. :)

  2. Jed is starting to get to be a lot of fun. Just you wait. Yeah, he is fun and has been fun, but it's an even better fun when they really start interacting with you and copying what you do! The clapping is so cute! :)

    For your question on how I taught Hailey sign language, I started with one word and would sign it while I said it. That way she saw it and heard it. It took her a while to finally pick it up. When I started she just wasn't quite ready for it, I don't think. She picks things up a lot faster now. I think the real key to teaching sign is repetition. The more they see it, the more likely they are going to try to do it themselves. There are also DVDs out there (Signing Time and Baby Signing Time are good ones) that teach it. I've checked one out from the library, but we don't own any. I know a little bit of ASL from taking a 101 class at BYU. If you don't know any signs, the videos are a good resource for you as well.


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