Jed's First Christmas Ornament

One of the things about becoming a mother that I always looked forward to was getting my child's first Christmas ornament.  I spent too much money, but think I found the perfect ornament: it's cute, it's sturdy, and it's personalized with Jed's name.  I hope it lasts a very long time cuz I love it!


  1. I love it! I agree, a baby's first Christmas ornament is so important!

  2. That is VERY beautiful! I think I bought Cache one at Walmart or something...lame. :) But I think the memories will still hold. Beautiful. I hope you guys have an AMAZING first Christmas as a big family. Love you!

  3. It's perfect! Don't worry about the cost because this is something that you will all cherish together. Cody and I do the same thing for Gavin every year and Gavin is at the age now where he loves it too!


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