Naughty Puppy

^^Unsolicited puppy kisses.^^

Misty, our six month old puppy, has given us a couple of scares recently!  Perhaps she's just reminding us about how much we really do love her despite her efforts to dig up the yard and steal every morsel of leftover food from off the kitchen table.  We nearly lost her twice and each time I was so sad at the thought of not having her here with us at home!  So puppy, you have been ridiculously expensive and caused us more worry and stress than we deserve, but we sure love you, Misty!      

Story 1:

One and a half full days before we were to leave on our trip to St. George for Spring Break, Misty followed the boys over into the neighbor's yard and was attacked by their German Shepherd!  It's our fault; we know it and take full responsibility.  It was an awful accident.  

Jed and Levi were playing with the neighborhood kids, and though I had warned them many times not to let Misty follow them, they didn't take me seriously.  However, it took everyone by surprise when Ava, the German Shepherd, literally ripped into Misty as soon as she crossed over onto her turf.  Misty suffered a bite under one leg that was a couple inches long and deep into the muscle tissue.  Misty ran home bleeding.  The neighborhood kids were hysterical.  Jed and Levi were sobbing.   

No adults actually saw the attack.  The Young's grandma was the one who stepped out to put a stop to the dog fight.  Thank goodness!

It was a Friday evening just before 6pm.  Bron and I desperately called around but couldn't find a vet that would take her.  It was so frustrating because she needed help.  Finally, one of Bron's connections got us in touch with a vet in Jerome.  Misty had surgery that night to clean and fix up her wounds.  Thankfully the bite didn't seem to sever any nerves.  Poor baby was pretty miserable that night and felt lethargic the next day, but soon she was up and limping around on three legs.  She also wound up wearing the obnoxious "cone of shame" for a few weeks.

Greg Young graciously offered to look after Misty while we were gone on vacation.  It was hard to leave her, but we knew she was in good hands.

Everything worked out.  Misty is completely healed and back to running and bounding around on the trails.  Whew!

I just hope my neighbors know I hold no ill feelings whatsoever.  It was simply an awful accident.                

^^Misty wanted to climb the ladder so badly!  Haha.^^

Story 2:

The night of my dress rehearsal for MCO in Boise, I got a call from a very concerned and disappointed husband telling me that Misty was lost!  (A day and a half before we were leaving for Hawaii!)

Bron had loaded up the boys, their bikes, and the dogs into the truck for a little adventuring at Indian Springs on Friday evening.  Afterwards, they loaded back up and headed into Kimberly to grab some bean and cheese burritos (I have no idea why my kids love those so much!) at Fiesta Ole for dinner.  When Bron arrived home, only Tyke was in the back of the truck!  

In hindsight, he thinks Misty probably jumped out of the truck while they were in the drive thru at Fiesta Ole.  So he and the boys spent the next few hours looking for her with no luck.  Misty is such a pretty and friendly dog that we assumed somebody might have just taken her in.  Bron said he hardly slept that night; the thought of losing Misty made us all feel sick.  

I urged Bron to post a notice on Facebook with her picture and his phone number on my page.  It was shared a couple of times.  

Then, Saturday morning, my friend Amy called to say her husband Aaron actually saw Misty out near a pivot in a field near 3400 N.   No way!  They were on their way out to find her when another family actually picked her up and called Bron.  Misty was happily reunited with the boys just a few minutes later... all because of a plea on Facebook.  Pretty neat, huh?

All is well that ends well.

We love our puppy!  Misty, stay home... where it's safe.

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