A Week in Paradise: Maui Part II

We heard that Honolua Bay was one of the best places in Maui to snorkel, so on our third morning we went to check it out!  It didn't disappoint.  Just the walk from the road to the rocky shore was incredible; it was a jungle in paradise.  The water was warm and relatively clear.  And the coral reef held a wide variety of sea life.  We saw red sea anemones, a parrot fish munching on coral, eels, and a plethora of the iconic Hawaiian state trigger fish: the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a.  My favorite.  It was so cool!  

We ate lunch and explored the island a little more before checking in to our next destination: the Four Seasons Resort at Wailea.  The resort was where Bron's work conference was being held.  It. Was. Over. The. Top.  Wow!  The hotel itself was just really nice.  The main areas were open and spacious.  We caught the trade winds wherever we roamed.  The property had overpriced shops and restaurants and they offered daily classes and excursions.  There were several pools, jacuzzis, and beach access.  We could even claim a cabana for the day where employees waited on us hand and foot, bringing us water, towels, and food.  It was just insane.  I think the appropriate word to use for this is: spoiled rotten.
^^Our room with an ocean view!  I should have taken pictures of the bathroom.  I loved that giant bathroom.^^

The PDS conference lasted two and a half days.  Bron listened to speakers and went golfing one afternoon with the company.  He said this conference was the best he has ever attended because every topic was directly applicable to his job.  I could see the wheels turning in his head as he soaked in the knowledge and set new goals for himself.

Around 4pm each evening, I met Bron back at the hotel room to shower and prepare for dinner.  Except dinner was much more than just dinner.  It was three to four hours of socializing over food.  Fortunately, I don't harbor any social anxieties, so I enjoyed meeting new people!  Dinner began with drinks and appetizers.  Then we sat down to eat a first course, a second course, a main course, and finally dessert.  I was so stuffed each evening!  But it tasted so good!  By the time the main course finished up, the conversation had finally turned from formal topics to silly things almost all of us could relate with.  It really does take that much time to let your guard down, I guess.  

^^Ready for dinner one night!  I wore dresses the other two evenings.^^

So what does a girl do in Maui without her husband?  Play!!!  I felt like I was seven years old again.  Each morning I jumped out of bed and put on a swimming suit.  The weather was already warm and the beach was calling.  I was in the water every morning.  And then out.  And then in again.  And then out to eat.  And then in again.  On repeat.

The first morning, I went snorkeling and swam alongside a huge sea turtle!  It was the neatest thing.

Another morning, I signed up to go on the Outrigger Canoe with a couple of guides.  There was just five of us in the canoe off the coast a ways when we saw three Humpback whales breaching: a male, a female, and a baby.  One of the guides encouraged me to get into the water.  I held myself underneath the canoe and could actually hear the whales talking in the water!  It was so incredibly cool.  They swam there peacefully about 20 yards away from us.  So I went swimming with whales?!  Yes!  Yes, I did.

I met up with a couple wives of other PDS employees from Idaho.  Brooke and Josie became fast friends.  I enjoyed their company so much -- though I'm pretty sure Josie thinks I was trying to drown her a couple of times.  Hehe.  I just couldn't stay out of the water.  We rented boogey boards and paddle boards and sometimes just waded into the ocean where the sea turtles made passes underfoot all. day. long.  We lounged in a cabana and chatted.  It was the life.             

^^The ONLY picture of the beach I took that I spent sooo much of my time at.^^
^^Turtle stare.  He looked straight over at me!^^

One afternoon the guys were free, so we new friends caught an uber to the Aquarium.  We were like kids because none of us had our kids!

^^Oh, no!  We're being eaten by a shark!^^
^^One of the few times in my life I felt short.  Both Brooke and Josie are about six feet tall and so are their husbands!^^
^^Another little turtle coming up to take a breath out in the wild^^

Saturday morning, Bron and I got to check off a little something from our bucket list: scuba diving!  It was a lot easier and safer than I initially thought.  We had such a good time that we now want to become scuba certified.

We took a little class that began in the hotel pool.  Then our guide led us out into the ocean.  We only got about 40 feet deep, but it was enough to learn the ins and outs of pressurizing my ears and to see a lot of sea life.  In fact, a seven foot manta ray made three passes in front of us while it ate!  Wow!  The way it glided through the water was just beautiful.  It was one of those first time highs that I want to return to again and again.

Our guide also took a ton of pictures.  Yay!      

 ^^Looking back at the hotel.^^
 ^^The giant manta ray!^^ 

Thank you, Maui, for the most incredible adventures and memories!

In case you missed it, you can read MAUI PART I here.

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