Spring Break Part II: Snow Canyon

We spent an entire day of our trip touring Snow Canyon.  I thought the state park would feel more remote, but instead it looked and felt more like a national park with a main road and a map highlighting all its unique treasures.  I'm pretty sure that if Zion's wasn't so close in proximity, Snow Canyon would be a national park because the scenery was just incredible.  The park is certainly deserving of that status.

We began our day's adventures by exploring the Petrified Sand Dunes.  There wasn't really a trail.  Instead, rolling mounds of petrified Navajo Sandstone allowed us to hike all over.  The (leading) lines and curves of the stone made it a photographer's dream.  We even found some puddles that Conrad was dying to jump into.  Levi, however, excitedly found some small living creatures swimming around in the water.

Jed is afraid of heights; always has been.  He said he felt tricked when we ascended the first big hill without him -- promising to come back around to pick him up, of course.  So Bron put Jed in charge of our hike.  It was Jed's job to lead us around the dunes.  And lead us he did... right to the very top of the biggest dune with the most incredible view of the park!  We were so proud of Jed.  Not many people there that day had the tenacity to scale that giant hill.  Plus, Jed didn't bat an eye at the height.  The five of us sat atop to eat a snack and take in the stunning landscape.

Then, of course, we had to march down with a very tired toddler.  I carried Conrad on my hip because all he wanted was me.  But three quarters of the way down, my arm became sore.  So Conrad got to hold onto both Bron and my hands and swing his way to the bottom between us.  Lucky duck!              

^^My strong dude conquering his fears.^^
^^Jed leading us... waaaaay ahead.^^
^^Conrad is a chronically happy kid. (Most of the time anyway.)^^
^^Levi begged me to take a picture of the bug he caught!  He was so excited.^^
^^I spy a teeny person up on the ridge for scale.^^
^^Pausing for a drink from the Camelback.^^  
^^Please take a moment to appreciate all that green growth against the red rock.  Wow!^^
^^Amazing view from the top!^^
^^The landscape we crossed.^^
^^Sitting there calm and like his accomplishment is old news.^^
^^Reading the map of the park.^^
^^A favorite image from the trip: all three boys soaking up the sun like lizards!^^
^^The benefits of Mom and Dad carrying a toddler and being slow.^^
^^All boy playing in the red sand.^^

Poor kid skipped a lot of his regular naps on the trip.  Conrad zonked out cold in just ten minutes on our way to our next hike: Jenny's Canyon.  It's a small slot canyon and it's really cool!  Conrad didn't wake up for a solid 20 minutes.  Boy needed his zzzz's.  And then he was completely perky and happy again.

^^Looking up!^^
^^All the boys really enjoyed seeing which nooks and holes they could fit into.^^
^^Looking out the entrance of the slot canyon.^^
^^The end of the slot canyon.^^
^^Bron doing a fancy trick inside the slot canyon!^^
^^Potty training in progress.  Good thing he's only two!^^
^^Levi traversing the rock wall.^^
^^I love capturing all three boys in the frame together so candidly.^^

We happened to meet some friends from Kimberly INSIDE Jenny's Canyon!  Such a small world.  They had their sweet dogs with them and the boys had a blast walking them back to the cars.  Then it was one last small hike to see some pioneer names written on a rock.  Conrad was a slow poke on this trail, literally stopping to smell the flowers and play in the red dirt.  I stayed behind with him (entertaining myself with my camera, of course) while the big boys went ahead.    

^^Jed and Levi were so excited about their gecko spotting.  Can you see him?^^
^^Kings of the rock!^^
^^Instead of smelling flowers, Conrad blows on them!  It's so sweet.  But then he destroys the flowers between his fingers (on purpose) and has to pick new ones.^^
^^Conrad decided to say a prayer right there in the middle of the trail.  No prompting.  Totally random.  He just folded his arms, closed his eyes, and a moment later exclaimed, "AMEN!"  Haha.  I love this kid so much.^^
^^Conrad living his best life in a giant sandbox.^^
^^Levi living his best life sunbathing on a hot rock.^^

More pictures and adventures coming soon...  
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