Easter 2019

^^Three silly boys in the frame.  I love this!  The masks were all their idea.^^

Can there be such thing as too many egg hunts around Easter?  I think not!  These kids and their enthusiasm for every holiday tradition makes the effort worth it.  Plus, I love all the colors!

We kicked off our Easter festivities with a family gathering at the Nelson Dairy.  Grandma went above and beyond making the weekend special for all the grandkids.  And she was brave.  Saturday night, Merri Sue had everything ready for 17 of her grandchildren to dye hard boiled eggs.  I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it went!  Some eggs got smashed but no dyes were dumped.  Totally a success.  The kids were so excited about their little pieces of art.  The next morning, they got to go search for their individual eggs outside before breakfast.  Brilliant!

After dying eggs, Grandma got the kids situated for a movie night with caramel popcorn.  She allowed us adult siblings and wives (+ a girlfriend) to sneak out for a group date together.  We went to an Escape Room in Idaho Falls.  It was so fun!  Together, we solved the puzzle with just barely over a minute to spare.  Woot!  Then we hit up Sonic for ice cream and slushies... where Bron accidentally dropped our ice cream and the bottom completely fell out of the cup.  It was the saddest thing, but we were all laughing.

Sunday, we watched General Conference, ate a delicious meal, cuddled my brand new nephew Blake, and watched the kids hunt for candy filled eggs in the yard.

It's always loud and chaotic with so many people under one roof (one night is about all I can handle), but the memories made are always worth it.  

On the ride home, I asked the boys what their favorite part of the weekend was.  They had so many things to say.  Then I reminded them that all those special things Grandma prepared for them is the way she shows her love; everything from preparing great food to coloring eggs to watching a movie with popcorn.  Merri Sue loves her family so much!       

^^Everyone gathered around the kitchen table to dye eggs!^^
 ^^Cousins play chess on a drizzly Sunday morning.^^
^^My nephew, Blake!  Ten days or so new.^^
 ^^Conrad's anxious face, impatiently waiting for the egg hunt to begin!^^
 ^^Serious egg hunting style, Levi!^^
^^Gah!  I love this one.^^
 ^^Since Micah and Wesley are now teenagers, they tied their ankles together for the egg hunt.  Lol!^^
 ^^Shannon hiding eggs in her coat pockets.^^

Since the kids had early release from school this last Wednesday, my friend Tiffany invited us and several other families over to her home for her almost annual Easter egg hunt!  We each contributed a few eggs, but Tiffany put us all to shame by filling literally HUNDREDS of eggs with candy.  Then they were spread all over her backyard.  The weather was so blustery that the eggs wouldn't stay in the trees and other higher spots, but no matter, it still took 30 kids or so a solid 10 minutes to collect them all.  Wow!  That's quite the egg hunt.  Their baskets were overflowing.  Fortunately, most eggs contained just 2-3 jelly beans or something.  But the best part was opening an egg to find a slip of paper which the kids could turn in for a prize!  Tiffany was so generous.  The kids chose from books, confetti eggs, and peeps that grow in water.  It was amazing.  It is hands-down the best done Easter egg hunt ever.      

^^Jed's basket was overflowing and he had nowhere else to stow the eggs!^^
^^Lucky duck.  Levi checking out his prizes, which he shared.^^
^^Parents and kids, emptying eggs and eating candy.^^

Thank you to both my family and friends for making this holiday so much fun and special!

Happy Easter!  May love, joy, and peace be yours through the miracle of Christ's atonement and resurrection.

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