The 3rd Annual Nelson Camp and Climb

I just made that title up, but I think it's about time this little shindig of ours got an official name.  Yes, this is the third year in a row that the Nelson crew has gotten together in the month of May to camp near Castle Rocks and go climbing the next day.

This year, Kaleb found this awesome teeny cabin with a kitchen, bathroom, and one room sleeping area in the drop dead beautiful valley of Elba, Idaho.  (In fact, if we could just pick up and move there, I might just do it!)  The cabin he rented sits on a few acres and is meant for camping and group get-togethers just like ours.  Access to some electricity, running potable water, and a bathroom made camping that much nicer.  Way to go, Kaleb in heading that up!

Unfortunately, this Spring has been the season of the never ending rains.  Rain storms have rolled through every day for nearly two weeks now and it looks as if it's going to keep on raining for another week.  Nooo!  I've been wearing a jacket everywhere because the temps are hanging out in the 40's and 50's.  Brrrr.  Idaho please reclaim your happy, sunny, dry desert self!  We miss you!  

So, it rained on us while camping.  Of course.  It began raining just as we were finishing up dinner... and kept on raining til bedtime.  I packed light, hoping for the best.  It was the wrong move.  I should have packed ponchos and rain boots for everyone.  Walking around in the grass soaked my tennis shoes clear through.  We all lived in wet socks and shoes for a day.

Sleeping wasn't too bad for us this year.  Halfway through the night, Conrad felt cold so I brought him onto the blow up mattress to cuddle with Bron and me where he promptly fell back asleep in my arms.  You know I was soaking that up!

The big boys had a blast.  They went on a bike ride with Grandma and Grandpa.  They started a roaring camp fire, roasted countless marshmallows, climbed the giant tree, and just had fun playing with their cousins.

Rock climbing was short-lived.  The sky opened up and hailed on us.  Between kids being sopping wet, tired, cranky, and hungry (don't worry, I fed them lunch), the rocks were also cold, wet and slippery.  It just wasn't our day to climb.  Oh well.  We'll be back.

It was worth it despite the rain.  
^^This darling puppy wandered away from his mama and over to play with us from the neighbors.  He was so cute!^^
^^Seriously.  Why don't puppies stay this little for longer?  And why do they have to chew everything up as they get older?  This scene above melted me.^^
 ^^Our campsite^^
 ^^Staying warm by the fire in the morning.^^
 ^^Getting breakfast ready in front of the tiny cabin.^^

I spy kids in the tree!  If you're wondering what the tarp contraption is, well, it's an impromptu tent.  Tyrel's family brought their tent but forgot to grab the poles!  Ooops.  Haha.

 ^^Sitting around chatting after breakfast.  Tyrel took over a kids' chair.  It was worth grabbing the camera.^^
^^Jed and Garrison^^
 ^^Levi manning the gate.^^
^^The gigantic rock we climbed a section of within Castle Rock State Park.^^
^^Levi rappelling in a hail storm!^^
^^My three favorite little boys eating some lunch before heading home.^^

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