A Special Girls' Weekend

Yes, it's as crazy as you might suspect.  I spent three days at home recovering from jet lag (Poor Jessie.  She went to Hawaii.  Haha.) and then turned around to drive to Utah for a special girls' weekend with some of the ladies in my life whom I hold most close and dear to my heart.  It was completely worth it.  In fact, I kept thanking Bron over the phone for putting up with the boys tired and solo to let me do this.  I felt spiritually uplifted, deeply connected to these women, and ready to start fresh with some new goals in mind.

We all gathered at Grandma's house to attend BYU Women's Conference.  It was two full days of food (Rachel's first priority!  I love that she loves food so much.), fun, shopping, laughter, learning, and late nights.  I gleaned a number of great insights from Women's Conference, but my favorite part of the weekend was when Grandma gathered us (+ my cousin Devin) around the kitchen table Saturday morning to discuss with us some things she'd recently learned.  The gathering turned in to a testimony meeting of sorts.  Personal stories and heartaches were shared alongside some really tender spiritual experiences.

I learned three important things on Saturday morning:

1.  Learning never ends.  If my 80 something year old grandma whom I look up to so much is still learning and growing, then I definitely will be doing the same if/when I am her age.

2.  I need to periodically gather my family to openly talk about Christ and things I have learned.  It not only invites the Spirit in to teach my children, but I also become an open book sharing my mistakes and knowledge.  I don't want to be a mystery to my children.  I want them to know of the things their family has been through and ultimately conquered.  I want them to feel loved unconditionally.

3.  Heavenly Father is acutely aware of each and every one of us.  He loves us and has a plan for each of our lives.  Through Christ's atonement, he makes our mistakes and weaknesses okay.  He makes up for what we cannot do in very real ways.  Sometimes we can count those blessings and other times we can only feel His love and the love of our guardian angels.  Everything will work out one way or another; in this life or the next.  We simply need to move forward with faith, trust, and Christlike love.  Christlike love somehow solves all problems.  Oh, if only I could learn to be as wise as Jesus Christ was while he was on earth!            

Rachel and Necia are like another set of sisters to Lauren and me.  By the way, we ALL tried on those jeans Rachel is wearing in this picture.  They're mine, but they fit everyone so well.  We couldn't believe it!  We laughed so hard.  And so, Rachel and Lauren ordered themselves a pair too.  Now we can all match several states apart!

^^Necia, Becky, Grandma, Mom, Me, Rachel, and Lauren.^^

We spent one evening at my Aunt Mari's house.  I was so excited to eat dinner there!  Haha.  If you know my Uncle Russ, then you know he is a master chef.  He spoiled us with authentic street tacos.  They tasted amazing!  And Emma made a chocolate and strawberry layered cake.  Devine!  In addition to all the food we ate, went for a walk and chatted way too late.  Good times.  

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