A Day in the Life 2019

Welcome to the 7th annual Day in the Life post!  I can't believe I've been doing this for so long.  I have enjoyed documenting a day each May.  It's a lot of work, but I cannot believe how much changes from year to year.  It means so much to me to be able to click on this label and see our lives evolve right before my eyes.  Time seems to be speeding up faster and faster, and though I dig in my heels to reign it back, time marches on.  I really am trying to notice and cherish the little moments -- enjoyable and not so enjoyable -- every day.


This year, I picked Tuesday May 21st as the day to document.  Since wrestling season ended in March, we don't have anywhere to be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  It's really nice!  As much as the boys enjoyed wrestling, they also got tired of not having any significant down time during the week.  It's been a healthy break for the boys.  However, baseball games begin in June and so our Tuesday and Thursday evenings will be full again, but it'll be summer!  

To document for my sake, this school year Levi has piano lessons on Mondays from 4:15 - 5:00pm.  On Wednesdays, I pick the boys up from school armed with snacks and a water bottle.  We go to Jed's ukulele lesson at 4:00pm.  Afterwards, we often hit up the Twin Falls Library.  Sometimes all three boys get their hair cut.  Then I cook dinner and drive Jed into Kimberly for Scouts.

But let's talk about last Tuesday...

Last Tuesday, I rolled myself out of bed around 7:05am to make sure that Jed and Levi were dressed and preparing themselves some breakfast.  (They eat cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, or toast with a little fruit.)  The big boys have such an awesome morning routine!  They could honestly get themselves onto the bus without me, but I feel obligated as their mother to make sure their hair is combed and that they are not wearing the same shirt two days in a row (because Levi would totally pull that stunt).  Plus, I enjoy those quick kisses as I send them out the door and wave goodbye.

As I passed Conrad's door Tuesday morning, I noticed that it was open.  I peeked inside his room and didn't see him.  Where did Conrad go?  I found him peacefully sleeping on the living room floor.  He must have gotten up to use the bathroom and never made it back to bed.  I slept through it so I'm praising this kind of independence.

^^On their way to 1st and 3rd grades.  Have a good day at school!^^
^^My sweet morning hug.^^

Conrad awoke from his spot in the living room a few minutes before the boys left for school.  Tuesday was another cold and rainy day!  It was so dark that morning.  Because of the dreary weather, the morning looked very similar to what our mornings had been like all winter.

Conrad came to me for a hug with his sweet smile and chipper, "Morning, Mommy!"  Then he promptly hopped on his bike to ride a few laps around the living room.

Next, I prepared Conrad some breakfast: milk, cinnamon toast, and sliced strawberries.

While Conrad ate breakfast, I tackled a few menial chores like refilling the cinnamon/sugar shaker, starting a load of laundry, taking out the kitchen trash, and clearing off the boys' breakfast.

Then I got Conrad set up in front of some Mickey Mouse cartoons while I did a short 30 minute workout in the living room.  This winter I did pretty good at getting up at 5am a couple of days a week to attend a workout class.  My favorite, by far, were {bicycle} rides at the Roost!  Now that warmer days have arrived (in theory, obviously) I've had to muster up the motivation to do workouts from home.  Honestly, some days I do better than others.

Bron was home that morning doing computer work, so I was able to ask him to snap a few pictures.

^^My breakfast: steel cut oatmeal + 1/2 serving chocolate protein powder + 2 T peanut butter powder + a splash of milk + frozen raspberries + 1 T shredded coconut + 1 tsp chai seeds.  It's delicious and filling!^^ 

After my workout, I finally fixed myself some breakfast.  Conrad followed me into the kitchen and ate a cookie.  After breakfast, I remember answering a couple of text messages, sorting through the boys' school papers, feeding the dogs, and sweeping the kitchen floor.

I found Conrad in his brothers' room flipping through the pages of a book.  He asked me to read to him, so I pulled him onto my lap and we read for a few minutes.

Next, time to unstinkify myself!  Conrad played in a bubble bath while I showered and dressed.

^^"My Santa beard!"^^
^^Yeah, I know, I totally have an obsession for those little toes.^^

After getting cleaned up for the day, Conrad opted to wear Levi's old wrestling singlet.  Since we weren't going anywhere, I totally let him.

About that time, Bron was getting ready to leave for a day of visiting with local dairymen.  Conrad sent Dad off with a big hug and a kiss.

Next on the agenda: scrub the bathroom!  It was overdue and bothering me.  Conrad "helped" me clean the toilet.  Haha.  Then he got bored and entertained himself with the paper towel roll and other items around the house.

With a shiny clean bathroom, I finished getting ready by adding a little makeup to my face and straightening my hair.  It's during this time of the day that I like to listen to a General Conference talk or some scriptures.

Feeling a little tired from being on the go all morning, I sat down on the couch to Polo my sister.  Conrad climbed onto my lap and insisted on talking to Grandma too.  So we did.  A few minutes later, I peeled myself up from the couch to make lunch.

Conrad has been enjoying what the big boys call, "lunchables" or "snack packs".  Basically, I just throw a variety of foods from the fridge and pantry into a mini muffin tin.  It's super easy for me.  Plus, it's fun to see what items Conrad chooses to eat from day to day because it changes.  Yes, he eats tomatoes!  One day he left an entire muffin space full of mini marshmallows untouched and asked for more lunch meat.  Crazy!  I love this little boy so much.

^^On Conrad's entrée that day: cheese, cashews, tomatoes, cranberries, cucumber, turkey, and goldfish.^^

I usually eat a salad topped with a protein for lunch, but I knew I wanted to make tacos/taco salad for dinner, so I chose to eat cottage cheese, veggies, and crackers for lunch instead.  I was starving so I totally helped myself to another helping after this picture.  Ha!  When Conrad saw my cottage cheese, he wanted some too.  So I filled up a little muffin space for him three times.  He was such a mess when he was done!

^^Ooops.  Got some down the singlet.^^

After lunch, I stripped Conrad down to hose him off in the clean side of the sink.  (The other side was full of dirty dishes, just to be clear.  I prefer to wash all my dishes just once at the end of the day.)  I think Conrad enjoys getting messy just so he can play in the water!  He had a blast pouring water all over himself.  He also nearly drowned my special Mother's Day plant!

Finally, one of my favorite times of the day: nap time!  I take Conrad to the bathroom and then we cuddle up on the recliner in his room to read two or three stories.  Then I often have to find his stuffed Mickey Mouse doll, Turtle, Bear, and his soft red blanket.  THEN, and only then, is he ready for a nap!  I tuck him into his bed with a kiss and close the door.

Yes, nap time!  I get anywhere from 90 minutes to nearly three hours of sweet quiet alone time every school day.  I am really going to miss nap time when Conrad outgrows them.  I use nap time to nap myself sometimes!  But more often, you can find me practicing the piano with headphones (Clavinovas are so awesome), watching an episode of This is Us while folding laundry, or editing pictures on my computer.  On this particular day I practiced the piano, folded one batch of laundry, and blogged about our recent trip to Hawaii.

The big boys walked through the door at about 3:55pm.  Jed and Levi are always loud enough to wake Conrad if he's not awake already.  They have lots to say!  The boys popped popcorn for an after school snack.  We all shared some together.

Levi wanted to recreate a water and oil in a bottle science experiment that Jed brought home.  The kid has zero patience.  So we made a miniature version right then and there in red.

Not long after, Jed and Levi were out the door to play with some neighborhood friends.  I told them to be home by 6:00pm for dinner and chores.

I still had piles of laundry to fold!  (Yeah, I know, priorities.  Hehe.  I spent most of nap time on the computer instead.  I try to wash and fold all the laundry on Monday and Tuesday.  So my living room isn't always covered in clothes, but it is 1/3 of the time, I guess.)  I somehow got Conrad set up with a bowl of water, a funnel, and a cup for entertainment.  Totally random, but the kid loves water!  I folded laundry for a while but the storm clouds had finally cleared and the sun was shining.  I suggested to Conrad that we go outside.  His amusement with the bowl was waning anyway.

Conrad begged to pull out the bubble machine we had just used two days prior.  The bubble machine acted like it was dying though.  So I replaced the batteries and voila, it was as good as new.  Conrad was sooo excited!  The machine really spit out some bubbles.  It was fun for me too!

Then Dad pulled into the driveway!  Awww, I wish Conrad would never grow up.  His happy enthusiasm to greet either Bron or me when we come home is so precious.

^^Even the dogs can't get enough attention from Bron.^^

Bron hung out with us in the yard for a little while.  We chatted and got caught up on each other's day as we moved over to the swing set.  Conrad requested some pushes "up to da dye" (up to the sky) from his Dad.  Conrad is so funny.  He thinks he swings taller than the trees because all he can see is the sky!

Then Bron took the dogs with him on a run for some exercise.

^^Tyke and Misty.  I'm so glad they have each other.^^

The big boys arrived home a little early.  Apparently their friends had some place to go.  I suggested they play in the yard with Conrad while I fixed dinner.

^^Riding his strider through the puddles!^^

The kids made this ramp in the front yard they day before.  It was pieced together from items they found in the garage or around the house.  They were totally channeling Danny Macaskill.  Haha.

On Tuesday, Levi was feeling tired and frustrated.  He just couldn't keep his bike on the ramp.  So in true Levi fashion, he got really angry.  I tried making some suggestions.  Soon, however, I had to turn on my stern voice.  I told Levi that he could not kick or throw items just because he felt mad.  I asked him to sit down and take a break.  That's when the tears came... and the irrational anger and blame.  I finally sent Levi to his room and told him needed to take some time to reset, among some other motherly advice.

Parenting is rough sometimes, guys!  I question myself all the time.  However, I do know that I cannot combat anger and frustration with my own anger and frustration; I've got to keep my cool to discipline.  That means taking a deep breath and not saying or doing anything when Levi slams the door... TWICE because the first time was kind of a dud.  Haha.

Anyway, Levi is a good kid.  He, like his brothers, has his own set of strengths and weaknesses that I'm attempting to teach and channel in the right direction.      

Conrad played with his trains and eventually joined Levi in his room while I made dinner: Taco Tuesday!  (Totally a coincidence.)

^^What our family dinner looks like these days.^^

After dinner, I initiated what I have dubbed, "Git 'R Done Hour".  It means that the boys need to practice their instruments, do their homework, feed the dogs, help with the dishes, and any other chores I assign.  When they get after it, the boys can accomplish everything in about an hour.  The wonderful thing about the month of May is that there isn't any homework! 

^^Jed practicing his ukulele.^^
^^Levi emptying the dishwasher.^^
^^Levi practicing the piano.^^

Once the boys got their responsibilities done for the evening, they got their pajamas on and brushed their teeth.  Then Bron turned on some cartoons and everyone relaxed.  I retreated to our bedroom and laid on the bed.  I was feeling beat!  The kitchen had been squared away and all the laundry folded (except for some sheets).  Whew!  It had been a productive day.  Please note, I am not always that productive.  I tend to go hardest on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Weird, I know.

I watched a couple Polos my sister made and sent her one back.  Not sure what I'd do without Marco Polo to keep in touch with my sister!

Around 8:30pm, it was time for family prayer.  Of course, I entered the living room to find all three boys wrestling their dad!  I think it's an unspoken rule, right?  The boys have to wrestle and get all wound up just before bed time.

After family prayer, I remembered that I needed to put Jed and Levi's jean quilts back on their beds.  I had washed and dried them that day.

Bron pulled out the book they'd been reading together, The Storm Testament.  Jed and Levi were excitedly anticipating their chapter!

I snuggled Conrad in the recliner, sang him a song, and then tucked him into bed.

Then I collapsed onto the couch with a bowl of ice cream listening for Conrad to open his door a hundred times to "go pee" or "get a drink" as he stalled sleeping for the next half hour.

Finally, silence and the day was done.  Bron and I watched a show, talked for a while, and then climbed into bed.

Tuesday was a good day.  There is so much to be thankful for.

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