Teddy Goes Flying at Shoshone Falls

Just another gorgeous Idaho October day exploring our local outdoor attractions.  On this particular afternoon, Levi and Conrad joined me down at Shoshone Falls.  I was meeting another photographer friend and her husband down there to check out their old Sigma Art 50mm lens they were selling.  It had been dropped and superficially damaged, but the glass was still as sharp and beautiful as ever.  So of course, this was the little photo shoot that ensued to test out the new lens before actually buying it!  While my friend did a session for some clients, the boys and I wandered around.  We ran into a local acquaintance turned instant friend that day.  She has three boys too and a new interest in photography.  The friendship is obviously inevitable.  We chatted, followed our boys around, and took photos til dinner time was overdue.  

I know I say this over and over again, but I love this community and the people in it.  There's just something extra special about where we live.  We're fortunate to call the Magic Valley home.

And yes, I totally bought the lens.  

 ^^In a perfect world with infinite time, I'd take these photos into Photoshop to clone out the power lines, but hey, this is the real view!^^
 ^^It's not often enough that I get a genuine smile out of this curly haired boy these days.  He's too aware of the camera.^^
 ^^Checking out the len's speed and accuracy.  Check!  It can capture flying boys.^^
^^Teddy went for a swim!  Luckily, Levi swooped in to save the day.  He's such a good big brother.^^
 ^^This place is just full of waterfalls!^^

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