Conference Weekend South Hills Hike

I can't get enough of the colors right now!  Yesterday was a dream.  After being uplifted by General Conference in the morning, we loaded up into the truck for a drive into the hills.  It was an epic adventure as fog and ice clashed with the bright beautiful colors of Fall. Afterwards, we came home and warmed ourselves up with some hot chocolate and cuddling on the couch to watch one of my season favorites: Hocus Pocus.  I don't think a Fall day can get much better than that.

^^All of my boys at the top of Pike's Peak as the fog rolled in!^^

We drove down out of the storm and did the short hike to Ross Falls.  The colors were on point!

^^Teddy tagged along, of course.^^
^^I spy two boys at the top of the trail!^^
^^Sweet moment with Dad.^^
^^Poor Teddy got tossed and went swimming.  It was a game.^^
^^I love that these two are stepping in unison here.^^

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