A Little Behind the Scenes of Family Life

Today was one of those terrible days with the kids.  It began with good intentions and then unraveled quickly as the boys fought, whined, and made ridiculous demands of my time and energy. It was one of those days where I just wanted to get in the car and run away!  (But I didn't.)  Instead, when their dad arrived home, he threatened to cancel Halloween.  We had a family meeting and then went out for dinner and the boys got their hair cut.  We even did a little shopping!  The night went so smoothly.

When we arrived home, Jed said, "I'm glad I changed my attitude."

"Me too, Bud!  That was such a nice night out.  What do you think made the difference?"

"I stopped thinking about me and started thinking about other people in our family."


My kids are capable of being responsible and helpful and kind. I hope tomorrow goes MUCH better.

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