Exploring Indian Springs

I know these beautiful warm Fall days are numbered.  So after school one day, we pushed dinner back an hour and played hooky from homework.  We loaded up the car instead and drove to the top of Indian Springs to explore and feel the sun on our faces.  That's simply all we did: walk around, climb rocks, play with sticks, and pretend to have a battle against a most formidable foe.  You know, boy stuff.  And it's wonderful stuff.  I was made for this boy mom gigue.    

^^The boys got all excited.  "Mom!  The pioneers left this stuff.  It is so OLD."  Haha.  Sorry, kids.  Pretty sure it's just rusty trash.^^
^^All three of my little loves in the most gorgeous light!^^
^^Can't get enough of this little falling down overall detail... and rocks in his pockets.^^

P.S. "No body-slamming in church" is now officially on the list of phrases I never thought I'd have to say to my boys.

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