A Mid-October Photo Roundup

^^October golden hour taking my breath away.^^
^^Home for the last seven years.^^
^^And the middle child strikes again.  I grabbed the camera because all three of my boys were reading together, but of course I captured THIS.  Haha.^^

It was a weekend of football games, good food, and friends.  September 30th, was also the day of the primary program at church.  I was a proud beaming mama sitting in the audience watching my boys sing their little hearts out with enthusiasm.  Conrad sat next to me on the pew, eating his snack like he was watching the greatest show on earth.  It was hilarious.  I even got to play my violin along with the kids on a couple of songs.  But my personal favorite highlight from the weekend was probably the Saturday morning mountain bike ride date with my true love.  It was an adventure!  We rode a new trail and found some incredible Fall colors.  Totally a highlight reel, but it really doesn't get any better than that.

^^Exploring Dierkes while the boys are at school.^^

Early morning doorbell ditcher in the most gorgeous golden Fall light.  He drug that empty laundry basket outside to use as a stool all by himself.  Independent and resourceful are great qualities... except when you're about two, then it's not so great.

^^Strawberries for breakfast.  I'm such a sucker for those chubby little hands and thighs.^^
^^Beep-Beeping Daddy's nose at breakfast.^^
^^Conrad's new favorite toy: the bubble machine I bought on clearance.^^

Giving Teddy a kiss. Conrad even fed Teddy some toast and milk at breakfast and was really worried when I placed Teddy in the dryer after he went for a swim in the toilet.  So much love for Teddy.  Whew!  This kid is busy.  But his budding imagination and tender heartedness is so fun to witness.

Funny story behind the scenes: This picture was taken while I was out with a friend documenting the cute belly of her last pregnancy.  Conrad saw me taking pictures of her and got all jealous!  He poked his little belly out, put his hands on it, and stood right in front of her!  It was hilarious.  So I grabbed a couple of impromptu pictures of Conrad and Teddy.

^^The joys of puddle jumping on cloudy days.^^
^^Who knew how well bubbles and puddles went together?  Best $5 I've ever spent. This combo was all his idea; Conrad can't get enough of the bubbles... or splashing through puddles!^^
^^I hereby title this picture: Many Me.  See it?  Haha.^^
^^AH-MAZING breakfast table light and little prayers that melt my heart.^^

Look closely... all my boys are in the frame, even the dog!  I couldn't possibly let such a beautiful warm October night pass us by; we had to get outside.  The big boys hopped on their bikes while Conrad insisted on pushing his old plastic walker... until the wheel fell off.  Haha.  Adventures of the simple and best kind.

^^Brothers bonding over dirt and an earthworm.^^

From the night I took the boys to the corn maze.  We got to ride a "train" and love on the animals in the mini petting zoo as well as shoot corn!  Then the sky became dark fast.  There really was a moon hanging low in the sky.  Jed and Levi were suddenly nervous about going through the spooky haunted parts of the corn maze. "Mom, you go first."

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