School of Rock

My dapper mini dude.

Conrad outgrew his church pants and none of the hand-me-downs survived, so I went to the store in search of a new pair.  It's the end of June and (duh!) I didn't have any luck.  But I did find these adorable quick dry grey shorts.  (Quick dry?  Haha.  He wears a diaper!)  Thus, Conrad's new church look.  I'm digging it.  All he needs now is a little guitar or a set of drums and he's ready to join the School of Rock.  (Hey, maybe I should totally turn that into a mini photo shoot?!)

In other news, at 19 months old, Conrad learned how to climb out of his crib and open the round knob on his bedroom door.  I was on my computer one morning finishing something up last week when he proudly exited his room with his arms in the air.  "Ta-da!"  he exclaimed.  Conrad had the biggest grin on his face.  Definitely a new trick.  (The other two boys never did this!)  And so it's been on repeat every morning since.  Conrad is just happy to be here, not a care in the world.  He's a delight.

I lowered his crib side because what's the point in keeping it full height if he's just going to crawl out anyway?  (Yes, I know, my crib is ancient.)  I'm not quite ready to part with the crib and tell myself Conrad isn't quite ready either as I sneak in while he's sleeping to find him pressed up against the bars.  He still needs those things to keep from falling out, right?  In all reality, he'll probably graduate to a twin mattress on the floor sometime this fall or winter.

Right now, however, we're facing a brand new challenge in training him to stay in bed!

He usually goes down without a fuss, but tonight, I don't think Conrad was quite ready to hit the hay.  He came out of his room at least half a dozen times.  Conrad was just too darn cute dragging his red blanket and happily jabbering away.  He melted even Bron's ornery frozen heart and earned himself a full ten minutes of cuddling in the living room.

So there really is something to this third child baby status!  Conrad seems to know it and has us all wrapped around his tiny pinky fingers.            

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